Your Life’s Purpose

life's purpose

I invite you to think about what your life’s purpose is and, if all your bills were automatically paid every month, what would you be doing in life?

When one has more money than bills, their sense of purpose seems to disappear, and they become wanderers, spenders and sometimes depressed.

And I am not even talking about millions of dollars.

When your purpose ‘seems’ to be to work to pay your bills and pay off debt, then that is taken from you because you have more money than payment, and you start to ask ‘now what’?

I invite you to think about what your life's purpose is and, if all your bills were automatically paid every month, what would you be doing in life?

I know because I have was there three years ago. R.H. (my husband) was also living in this state and just came out of it two weeks ago because he found purpose outside of working to pay bills.

Side note: there is a purpose in what we do as we serve our clients. We have had this purpose since we started. Today I am talking about YOUR PERSONAL PURPOSE.

Your life’s purpose

Do you find that when, or if, you pay all your bills for the month and you have money left over, you tend to spend it, or maybe you veg on the couch? Perhaps you are like I was, and when you have more money, then you need to pay your monthly bills you stop working? The “I am now ahead so I can rest” syndrome. But, once you are done resting, you realize that you need more money.

All the above happens because one does not know or has not discovered their purpose outside of money.

Here is how I found my life’s purpose for working, playing and continuing to grow as a human. A purpose that does not revolve around paying bills.

I asked myself these questions:

What life experiences have I had that I see others now going through? How can I share the lessons that I have lived so others can learn how to get through the same experiences quicker than I did?

What do I love to talk about? And when I do share my thoughts about this topic, people are listening, engaged and learning?

What makes me truly happy?  If I had 10 million dollars in the bank, what would I be doing with my life? Be careful how you answer this question. Because if your answer is sitting on a beach forever, after two weeks, you will become very bored and will have no sense of purpose. The beach life for 40 years is not living…unless you have a sense of purpose while on the beach.

How can I give back to those who have helped me along the way?

How can I help make this world a better place?

What would be coming out of my mouth that I am currently afraid to say?

Your Life's Purpose_vision

When I look at my parents living in their retirement years, does their lifestyle look fulfilling to me? Would I be happy living their retirement life?

And, the most important…What Legacy am I leaving those that I will one day leave here on earth?

That last one is the foundation behind EVERYTHING I do! So many people ask me why I am always doing something, why I don’t stop, quit or give up? They ask me why am I always working, and if I ever just stop and live?

For me, the life I am currently living and so much enjoy is the life I LOVE. Even with $10 million in the bank or $10 billion in the bank, I would still be doing what I am doing today. But, I would be doing it on a much grander scale with a huge team. And even that vision gives me purpose because it will help so many more people, on so many levels.


My sense of purpose is HUGE. When I think about what my truest purpose on this planet is, I can literally feel myself and internally see myself reaching out my arms and embracing the Earth into my chest and hugging it with all my might. And then my heart hurts and yearns for the ability to just fix what I know I can fix in the world. My heart breaks because I cannot fix it fast enough.

Today, I invite you to start your journey into finding a purpose where, you too, can embody all the feelings, thoughts and emotions that I shared above.

Oh, and may I add the habit of stopping or slowing down when one is ahead. This is a habit that I still find myself slipping into a couple of times a year. How I stop it from happening is where I have victory.

💚 Sara

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