You Create Them, Why Not Celebrate Them?!

You know those things that you create at New Years or at the beginning of the year or even on a monthly or weekly basis? Those things that help you stay on track in your life or business. Those things that get you excited to set and miserable if you don’t meet them in the end. Have you figured out what I am talking about yet…it is such a small and simple 5-letter word that can completely control our lives, environment and outcomes. I am talking about G.O.A.L.S.

That’s right…GOALS! Do you create goals? How often do you set goals for yourself, your family, your work or your business? For me, I set goals monthly and weekly to reach my someday goal (I will talk more about Someday goals in another blog). It is important for me to set goals that will get me closer to my destinations. Is it important to you? Goal setting is a must in business if you want to grow your business. It is also a must in your personal life, within your health/wellness, friendships, as a Mom and a life partner to your spouse.

But…do you want to know what I think is more important than setting goals? Some may say follow-through, nope…that is not what I was going to say. The most important part about goals is…celebrating them! That’s right…celebrating your goals. Think about it. When you reach a goal or major milestone, do you celebrate it? Have you ever thought to celebrate the goals? Like seriously, we spend all this time strategizing goals for the year, months and weeks, we meet those goals and then what?? Well, I will tell you that most of the people I have worked with do next, they create new goals, bigger goals for their future.

That is great in all, but what about those goals that you knocked out of the park? The goals that you worked so hard to reach, what about those? Are they like a paper napkin that you simply throw to the wayside? Well, if they have been, you need to stop it, now. You see goals become a part of who we are, apart of who we become and once reached they need to be celebrated. Celebrating your goals will give you more enthusiasm, it will get you even more excited to set new goals and it will make you work even harder to reach and supersede the new goals you set.

Here are just a few ways that you can celebrate your goals:

Weekly Goals

  • Indulge in your favourite treat or snack
  • Go to the movies
  • Buy that shirt you have been eyeballing for some time now
  • Take an hour off work to celebrate by reading a book, enjoy a bubble bath or simply do something that you would not normally do during your workday
  • Enjoy an outing with a girlfriend

Monthly Goals

  • Family outing to your favourite place/Special night in for the family
  • Purchase a pretty pair of shoes that you have wanted
  • Purchase something for your home or office
  • Take a day off work to do whatever you want to do
  • Buy yourself some flowers and chocolate – you so deserve it

Quarterly Goals

  • A night away at your favourite nearby hotel
  • Special dinner out with friends or your spouse
  • A purchase for your home that you have been saving for
  • Investing in a new educational program
  • A spa day or a new hairstyle

Annual Goals (these should be huge, ‘someday goals)

  • A trip that you have always wanted to take
  • A weekend away at your favourite hotel
  • Pay off debt
  • A shopping spree
  • A week from work to plan your next set of big goals
  • A team retreat to work on next year’s business strategy

Regardless of how you celebrate a goal once it is met, the main point is to CELEBRATE. When setting your goals also set the celebration. For example, “if I meet the goal of having 3,000 friends on my email list by June 21st, I will celebrate by taking my family to Great Wolf Lodge” or “if I lose 20 pounds by Nov 15th I will celebrate by getting a makeover”. When creating your goals with celebrations, make sure to include the following in your statements.

  • The actual goal itself, you need to make it very specific
  • The deadline or due date, make sure to pick an actual date
  • The method or way that you will be celebrating

Finally, when you are setting your goals, make sure that the weekly and monthly goals are obtainable, still a bit out of reach, but obtainable. This will help you to build confidence in yourself and your goal setting process. Setting your goals is all about you giving yourself something to reach for, all while holding yourself accountable.

Now, go out, set some goals and attach a celebration to each and every goal. You’ve got this and I believe in you!

Let me know how you celebrate or are going to celebrate your goals when you crush them by commenting below.

~XO Sara

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