Why Oh Why Should You Have A Why?

As a business owner you have probably heard it before, the saying “you need a why” or “find your why” or how about “know your why”. Many business gurus state that in order to succeed in business you need to know your why. Every time I hear this I think to myself ‘gosh, there are many ‘whys’ in my life, the reasons I do what I do. How do I narrow it down to just one?’

My whys consist of the following:

  1. To service my clients, members & readers; to give them the education and support they need, to build a life that is beyond satisfying (hence the name of my website)
  2. To build a life beyond being satisfied for my family and I
  3. To show my sons that with hard work, dedication and support you can live your dreams, be happy and enjoy life.
  4. To prove to myself that I can do this, that I am smart enough and strong enough to help as many people in this world as possible.

So, with all my WHYs, I asked the question again, how do I choose just one?

I have personally decided to run with all 4 WHYs. There is no way I can choose just one, or even rate one more important than another. All 4 of these are so important to me and help me to push through the tough times.

That is the reason for the WHY…to help you keep going when the going gets tough, to keep you motivated when you want to quit and to give you a reason to celebrate the wins in your business and in life. The WHY becomes the foundation of your business.

Your WHY should be deeply rooted within you. For example, you if you were to make your WHY about just making money, your business will become superficial, which will lead to you becoming unhappy and your business failing. It does take time, energy and effort to make your WHY concrete and it is important that you invest all of yourself, mind, body and soul into creating your WHY.

Here are a few thoughts to consider when creating your WHY:

  1. Link your WHY to you – there needs to be something in it for you. Now, you may think “well that is selfish” but it’s not. Think about how you feel when you help someone make their life better. Why do you do it? You may say that it is because you want to help people, however, truth be told you enjoy the feeling that you get when you help someone. When you tie your WHY to you, it will make working for your WHY that much more fun and you will be more invested.
  2.  Link your WHY to your loved ones – the truth is if someone kidnapped your loved one and requested $100,000 you would find a way to come up with the money, wouldn’t you? The same rings true when you attach your loved ones to your WHY.
  3. Your WHY should include how you give to the world around you – we all have something within us that do want to make the world a better place. If you didn’t you would not be an entrepreneur. When you attach ‘for the greater good of this world’ to your WHY, your WHY becomes bigger than you, which helps you chase bigger goals.
  4. Anchoring your business, the daily grind and life mission with an EPIC WHY will set you up for great success. Make sure you revisit your WHY on a weekly basis. Always keep your WHY in front of mind. Place your WHY in a place that you can see it when you need that extra push.

The world needs you and everything you have to offer. Attached your daily actions to your why and never look back.

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