Vision Boards and How They Work

Some people think vision boards are collages that are pieced together. They believe they will be able to just stare at their creation, and it will all come to pass. Well, I am not saying that it can’t happen that way, but it usually takes a lot more effort on one’s part.
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Creating vision boards CAN change your life if you allow the pictures, quotes and anything else you put on your board to come from deep within. What I mean is that you need to search within yourself for what you truly want for your life, both personally and professionally. How do you know if something comes from within? Well, do you ever look at pictures and your heart skips a beat, or you say, ‘ohhhh’ out loud? Well, that is it! The feeling that feels like it is coming from the pit of your stomach. That is the reaction you need from the items on your vision board. So, make sure you take the time and post the ideas that make you say, ‘ohhhh!’

How to Create a Vision Board

Vision Board materials:

  • Bristol board, cork board or cardboard (which is good for a pocket board).
  • Magazines, photos, sayings, or anything that is important to you and speaks to your vision – that gives you ‘that’ feeling!
  • Scissors and glue or thumbtacks.
  • OR you can use an iPhone app or create a board on Pinterest.

Vision Board How To ideas
Ideas of what to put on your Vision Board:

  • Your family – centred on your board.
  • Pictures of what you are sowing for!
  • A mix of NOW and LATER items (i.e., a cup of coffee vs. a trip to Italy).
  • Items that come into your life (success key, paperwork, kids drawings, a hotel key).
  • Sayings, verses, quotes and notes from loved ones.

Important Vision Board notes:

  • Become Still! Spend time to search within to discover what it is you TRULY need and want!
  • Window Shop! Take your time and find the EXACT photos or sayings of the items you want.
  • Give it Away! If you are replacing something in your life with a new item or idea, you need to know how/where you are going to give the one you have away. Can it fill someone else’s needs?

Keep in mind that vision boards are tools to keep you focused and not to frustrate or add stress to your life. If you choose to hang your vision board in a place so you will see it often, make sure you keep your energy and thoughts positive!

I have had a lot of my visions come to pass, from meeting Kevin O’Leary and getting investment advice, a Disney cruise, finding my place as the Licensee of London Mompreneurs, and much more. But don’t take my word for it. Create a vision board of your own and as doors open in your life, walk through them…and see what happens!

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