Unleash Your Superpower: Venom

This post is the first in a series of upcoming blog posts about how to unleash your superpower. We all have them! This post is all about the superpowers I learned from watching Venom, the movie. Have a read and then leave a comment to let me know what you learned about your own superpowers from reading this post!

Life is funny. I am sitting here after a day of intense ‘head down’ work, watching Venom. Have you seen it? It has become a family favourite. There are a few scenes that R.H. and I love. One is when he screams at his neighbour, and another scene is when Venom tells Eddie to jump, but then he takes the elevator. I say life is funny because I was going to share a video with you that was a bit intense but then seeing the below scene from Venom hit a major chord with me, to the point where I need to switch tracks and share this ‘aha’ with you.

Here is the scene. Please take 1-minute 20-seconds to watch this and then scroll down 

The aha moment

You may be thinking… ‘okay, Sara what is the aha here?’ Let me break it down for you so you can see it from my perspective.

awaken your inner superhero aha moment

1. Feeling Discomfort

Venom is Eddie’s inner superhero. Venom is new to Eddie, which makes Eddie uncomfortable emotionally and physically, makes sense right? <<< Everyone feels this way when they are thrown into a situation that they are not expecting or when they discover something about themselves that can change their life for the better, which is scary because it means getting out of our comfort zone. 

2. Stepping out of your comfort zone

In this scene, Venom saves Eddie’s life by sticking his hand to the outside of the building while dangling hundreds of feet in the air. Venom says, “I got us.” Eddie’s superhero saves him, and trust should be earned; however, Venom throws Eddie through a window to save his life. <<< Stepping out of your comfort zone to release your inner superhero can be painful because it is breaking habits and allowing your truest strength to come out.

3. Finding our inner superhero

Venom: “Why would I do that? You are far too good of a match to throw away so soon.” <<< Our inner superhero is our perfect match. The abilities, courage, talents and strengths within you are placed with you on purpose. If you feel something new (positive) bubbling up within you, allow it to grow and embrace it, because that is who you truly are. You and your inner superhero are not so different!

4. Trusting our inner voice

“JUMP” …then Eddie takes the elevator, and Venom makes fun of Eddie, why? Because Eddie is still scared and has yet to trust his inner superhero truly. And if he did jump, he wouldn’t have had to face the firing squad. <<< We need to learn to trust our inner voice, our superhero. Most call it your gut, intuition, and even the voice of God. I call it my superpower. It doesn’t matter what you title it, what matters is that you listen to it, embrace it, trust it and follow it. 

Venom movie poster
Credit: imdb.com

Unleash Your Superpower

Your superhero is not separate from you. It is simply a part of you that has been asleep for many years and is waiting for you to allow it to awaken and become a part of your life. Unleash Your Superpower!

I hope the aha that I received watching the clip from Venom helps you to realize that you have a strong power within you and if you embrace it and allow it to come out now and then, you will create a life where you #livebeyondsatisfied.

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Welcome to watching a Marvel movie with Sara. All of the above is from a movie clip that is only one minute 22-seconds – this is how I watch Marvel movies.

Okay, that is more than I was planning to write so we will leave it there (because I could go on about Marvel + life parallels forever). If you need a reminder to embrace your inner superhero every day, purchase one of my “unleash your inner superhero” t-shirts (available in black and white)!

Have an amazing week and know that I believe in you, SUPERHERO!

XO Sara

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