Two Time Lessons

The other night I was mentoring a group of rockstars on my weekly 30-day Time Management Challenge call. We were talking about the blocks and hiccups that the rockstars were having. As everyone shared tidbits from their week, I found a few similarities between the thoughts and feelings that I was hearing. I was happy to share a few lessons and tips with these amazing people to help them continue to take control of their time management, schedules and most of all, their mindsets around time. Today, I want to share two time lessons with you. Because, if the entire online group got takeaways from these lessons, I am sure there are people out there who could use this information as well.

Sara L Clarke - Two Time Lessons

How to Be Successful on Your Bad Days

On our average day, we over-schedule ourselves. We make long to-do lists and if we can cross off half the items on our list in a day we celebrate. However, the days when we are sick, having an off day or simply just need a break we get pissed off because we didn’t cross off a single item on our list. Am I the only who sees a problem with this?

My friend, when you are having a crappy day, you are having a crappy day! Don’t add to it because you didn’t get shit done! There is one way to give yourself a break and to feel accomplished at the end of a bad day. Here it is… are you ready for this? To feel successful at the end of a bad day, choose one task to complete. That’s right, only write down one item and complete that one item. Then, take the rest of the day off to take care of you because if you don’t get the rest you need to reset yourself, the next day will be a crappy day and so will the day after and so on. I promise you, one task written down and then completed will make your bad day end on a happy note.

Sara Blog Two time lessons

Need Spontaneity in Your Schedule?

“When tracking my entire day, I feel to constricted in my schedule. I need spontaneity!” When it comes to time management, one of the tasks I give my coaching clients is for them to track their time. This is because many tell me that they don’t know where their day goes. Time tracking helps one to account for every moment of their day. At first, they love it because their eyes begin to open as they track. But then after about two weeks, the client tells me that they don’t feel like they have enough spontaneity in their schedule.

To bring spontaneity into their schedule I recommend that for the weekends days that they create to-done lists instead of to-do lists. This helps them to incorporate a creative feel to their schedule and it also helps them to become more structured during the weekdays.

I am going to leave you with these two time lessons in the hopes that you do can implement them into your lifestyle and I will share another two tips with you next week.

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