The power of your words and thoughts

I remember the tough times. The times where I needed a lifeline or a lifesaver to rescue me from the life I was living. Sure, I had my husband, but he couldn’t save me as he was drowning alongside me. Life for us became unbearable at times because we had no clue what we were doing. While we were in our 20s, we built our family of six, bought a home and were also raising a business. No one in our family had done what we were doing. We had to figure it all out for ourselves and that my friend, sucked!

The Power of Your Words - Clarke's 2007

The Clarke Family, 2007 (pre baby number four)

My story

Talk about mood and emotional swings, financial problems, marriage problems, and for me, weight/health issues became a thing. This life that we were creating may have looked perfect on the outside, but let me tell you, it was anything but perfect. 

Oh, and did I tell you that I was a hermit from the age of 22 (when I had my first son and was running a business) to the age of 32? Yes, for ten years, I lived a life full of anxiety, stress, a massive lack of self-confidence, and for some of those years, I was on Prozac for Postpartum Depression (PPD) and all of this while trying to be an epic wife, mom and businesswoman.

And the best part, while raising a family of five, we found ourselves $3 from bankruptcy. I remember one week, after paying all the bills, we did not have enough money to buy milk for the week. I also remember running late for a family appointment and stopping at a coffee shop to get breakfast and the three boys sharing a bagel and a juice while hubby and I didn’t eat because we did not have enough money. THIS, THAT MOMENT IN THE VAN, WAS OUR BREAKING POINT!

Sara 2007 - Power of your words

Sara with baby number three in 2007

Learning there is another way

To say that I was stressed and overwhelmed during those ten years is an understatement.

Please tell me that I am not alone in my journey?

Are you experiencing any of the above? The overwhelm, stress, financial burdens, anxiety, feeling like a bad mom, trying way too hard to be an epic wife, your health is not where it should be or maybe you are just so tired of the mundane routine that you live and call a life?

What if I told you there was another way?

What if I told you that you could live a much happier and more complete life? 

And, what if I told you that I turned my life around by using the power of my thoughts, feelings and words?

Well, let me share it with you…

In 2008, we were at the end of our rope, ready to give up on everything. R.H. (my hubby) and I decided that enough was enough! It was time to figure this crap out and dig ourselves out of the hole that we dug ourselves into.

We began researching, studying and diving into anything we could find that could get us out of this mess. We did the work and tried everything that felt right to us. Some things worked well, while other things didn’t. We began to weed out the good from the bad, we stopped being around negative nellies, and we focused on what we wanted versus what we had. There was so much more that we did, but for me to share all that with you right now, this blog post would become a book.

10 Free Empowering Cell phone Backgrounds

A better life

Today, in 2019, we are the happiest dating married couple you will find out there (we even work together, from home). We have amazing relationships with our four sons. We now have three businesses that we work in together. There is money in the bank, and we travel as a family, and live in the million-dollar dream home that was on my vision board. But most of all, the stress, the overwhelm, and the fighting is all gone. I now know that I AM an epic wife and mom because I did the work within myself.

Remember, I mentioned being a hermit? Well, the social and emotional anxiety that I held within myself…gone! Gone to the point that I now speak on stages in front of hundreds (almost thousands) of people, with ease and excitement. The stage has become my home, and I love it!

So, how did things change?

The Power of Your Words - Speaker

Sara on SiriusXM radio (2015)

The power of your words and thoughts

There are many things we did and changed within our lives within the last 11 years. But today, I want to focus on one of them… the power of your words and thoughts. “But Sara, that is two things.” Nope, they are one. Because they are like salt and pepper (the spices not the rappers), they go together. Your thoughts become words, even if they are words you are thinking in your head. 

One of the changes R.H. and I made was we started to watch our words and practice affirmations, regularly and consistently. The words we used and still use today have shaped the new reality that we are now living, and I want to share those with you.

It’s not just about saying phrases like “I am confident,” or “I am wealthy.” No, it’s about keeping those words at the forefront of your mind, daily. It’s about saying them repeatedly until you start to feel what you are saying. The words go from simply words to feelings and then to a knowing. The best way for this to happen is to place these words where you will see them often. For me, back in 2008, it was a cork board that I put on a wall over my computer. I saw them hundreds of times a day. 

the power of your words

Daily affirmations

This got me thinking, now that we are in the digital age and with research showing that the average human looks at their cell phone over 150 times day, why not place the words on my phone as a wallpaper? Seeing those words every time we open our phones, is a great way to keep these important words at the forefront of our minds and thoughts. Going a step further, why not have empowering cell phone backgrounds for the lock screen and then another saying for the home screen?

I decided to move my words to my phone, and wow, it has been so powerful for me and my journey. So much so, that I have my favourite sayings, the ones that have helped me become who I am and have created cell phone wallpapers for everyone and anyone who wants them, including you!

Empowering cell phone backgrounds

If you are ready to start making a shift in your life, grab these free empowering cell phone backgrounds and use them. Use them to elevate your life, to help you become the stronger you and to help you realize that there is so much more life out there for you to live. This is just the beginning of changing the life you are living now and making it the life you want to live tomorrow. It all starts with your words. 

The 10 wallpapers include the following sayings:

  1. It’s Time to Choose
  2. You Are A Living Breathing Miracle
  3. I Dare You To Dream
  4. The Truth Is… You Matter
  5. It’s A Great Day to Conquer Big Things
  6. Use Your Passion to Fuel Your Purpose
  7. You Are Worth Going After Your Dreams
  8. It’s Kind of Fun To Do The Impossible
  9. Embrace Your Awesomeness
  10. Radical Change in Thought Produces Radical Change In Reality (the most popular)

I want you to know that these are not just words on a screen. These words are tastefully designed (by a professional), and my name is on the wallpaper to remind you that when no one is cheering for you, including yourself, I am cheering for you, always! I want you to WIN at this journey we call life. I believe in you! You were put here at this appointed time for a reason, and I want you to know what that reason is. I want you to uncover the hidden greatness buried within you.

Want the wallpapers? They are yours for free!

Simply fill out the form below, and the directions for downloading the ten wallpapers will be emailed to you. But please know that I am not leaving you high and dry after you get the wallpapers. Nope! I will be in contact with you every Sunday, sharing more of my experiences, findings (tricks and tips, if you will) to help you along your journey.

You are one step away from your FREE cell phone wallpapers and more…

Simply fill out the form below and the directions for downloading the 10 wallpapers will be emailed to you. But please know that I am not leaving you high and dry after you get the wallpapers. Nope! I will be in contact with you every Sunday, sharing more of my experiences, findings (tricks and tips if you will) to help you along your journey. See you on the other side! XO – Sara

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I truly hope that you will allow me to join you on this incredible journey that we call life and that together, we can unleash your hopes, dreams and desires, one day at a time.

I believe in you and remember…

You Are Worth Going After Your Dreams!

XO – Sara L. Clarke

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