The little seed that could

You’ve heard the saying “plant a seed and then don’t disrupt it. Don’t dig it up.” Don’t try and see what is happening with the seed. However, you are meant to fertilize it, water it, take care of it, and at times that’s hard to do when you can’t see what’s happening to the seed because all you see when you look at the dirt, is dirt. You don’t see a green sprout yet, and you cannot see the roots. You only know that you planted this little seed in the dirt and now you’re supposed to water it and wait. Well, if you’re anything like me, I like to dig up my seeds, and then I end up cursing myself. Literally. I will say a few choice words because I am impatient.

One thing I have learned this past month is that if you plant a seed and take care of it by watering it, giving it love and fertilizing it, it will turn into something epic.

Even if that seed is not growing in its perfect environment.

Allow me to share a story with you.

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The pepper seed

Every Sunday, I do meal prep, and my meal prep consists of cutting peppers: red peppers, yellow peppers, and orange peppers. My nine-year-old son, Spencer, has a fascination with seeds. He thinks they are cool, whether it’s a seed from a pepper, from the outside of a strawberry or even an apple seed. This kid wants to save every seed and plant a farm. He wants to plant an entire farm in my kitchen! I always hear, “Mom, can we plant all these seeds?” “Mom, what do you think these seeds would be?” “Mom, do you think this would work?”

Spencer - seed planter


So about two months ago, Spencer decided to ask my husband (R.H.) to plant a pepper seed. The reason why he went to R.H. is because R.H. is the gardener in the family. He is the one who takes care of all the grass and all the gardens around our home. R.H. loves to plant things. He loves to be outside getting his hands in the dirt, and he loves to take care of plants. So, Spencer went to him and asked, “Can we plant a pepper seed?”

R.H. explained to Spencer that if we plant the pepper seed outside, the chances are that it will grow, but the bunnies will eat it because every time we plant something outside the bunnies enjoy it. R.H. reminded Spencer of the sunflowers. See, these two decided to buy sunflower pots from the dollar store. They ended up growing sunflowers on my kitchen counter. The plants got really big, not to the point where the flower was flowering, but it did get really big. They ended up transplanting them outside, and the bunnies ate them.

Solving the bunny problem

My 14-year old son, Wil, even tried to plant carrots. While they were growing Wil saw a little carrot sprout, and he was so excited. However, he got impatient, so it was a small carrot. But he decided to let the other ones grow. He watched them, would check on them and water them, but one day the carrots disappeared. So as much as R.H. wanted to say yes to Spencer about planting this pepper seed outside, he was a little apprehensive because he didn’t want Spencer to be disappointed when the bunnies ate the plant. So R.H. decided to tell Spencer, “yes, we will plant this seed; however, we were going to plant it inside.”

They went to the dollar store and got a little pot, potting soil, and put the seed in the soil. To be honest, I spent a lot of time laughing at them. Not because I didn’t believe in their planting or their plant, but I just didn’t know if a pepper seed from a pepper that I just cut up was going to grow into something in the house because, according to science, the plant needs sunlight, heat and definitely in my house we don’t have heat! During the summer we have air conditioning, very cold air conditioning. But, they went ahead and they planted this little seed.

Believing in the seed

Spencer decided he was going to water his seed every day, so every day he’d go to the sink, fill a cup up with some water. He even talked to the seed. Every day without fail, either he was watering the seed. Watering this seed became a habit for Spencer and R.H. I don’t think they took notice every single day if the plant was growing or becoming something epic. But, within three weeks, this little green sprout was coming up and Spencer was saying, “Dad, look, there is a little bit of green coming up!”

However, about two weeks ago (approximately two months after planting the seed), I looked at that plant and thought, holy cow, that plant is getting big. I asked R.H. if we should put it outside? And R.H.’s response was “so that the rabbits can eat it like the carrots and the sunflowers? Nope. We’re leaving this one in here. I don’t know if it’s going to do anything, but we’re going to leave it in here.”

Well, last week that plant that started from a seed that I was going to toss in the garbage, flowered – it bloomed! Not only is it now blooming different flowers, but those flowers are going to turn into peppers. See, here’s the thing: that little pepper seed came out of one of the peppers I cut up. It had no chance of creating more peppers until someone took action and nourished it, and gave it the treatment it needed.

The little seed

The seed of possibility

I can’t wait until these peppers grow because 1) Spencer can hopefully eat a pepper, which he doesn’t really like, but maybe he’ll eat it because it came from his plant. 2) Chances are when we cut up one of those new peppers, there’s going to be all these other seeds, and I think my son is going to want to start a pepper farm. Heaven forbid my kitchen becomes a pepper farm, but I can’t wait for him to see those peppers be cut open with all those new seeds in it.

Your seed is a thought

I relate this story of this mighty little seed to life. The things that we want and need in life need a seed. Your seed is a thought. I want you to think about that. The thoughts we have are seeds for our future. They are seeds that we get to plant during this life journey. Whether it’s a negative thought or a positive thought, you are planting a seed, and the more you think about it and the more you act on it is how you are nourishing it.

Seeds of life

Let’s take a positive thought and see how it would work like this pepper plant.

You decide that you want a best friend. That’s your thought. That’s your seed. When you say it out loud and have feelings and emotions behind it, it now becomes buried in nutritious soil, in the nutrients that it needs to grow. But here’s the thing, you need to fertilize that thought, and you need to water that thought, like the seed. You can start by creating a list of everything you want in a best friend. Patience, kindness, laughter, joy, honesty, respect, trust, amusement, a Rockstar attitude, or whatever it might be. The list you wrote is the fertilizer for the thought of having your best friend.

How to nourish your seed

To nourish and water that seed going forward, you have to keep thinking about that best friend. You have to open your book and read everything you just wrote down, daily. The more you think positively about that seed you planted for a best friend, the more you act as if they already exist and the more you read through your list saying things like, “yeah, I want someone I can trust, and I want someone who’s going to make me laugh.”

The more you read that, the more you’re watering that seed. And let me tell you, before you know it, that person is going to show up in your life, and it’s going to be like, “wow, I feel like I’ve known you forever.” Well, you have because he or she has come from that seed you planted, wanting to have a best friend.

Now that they are here, you need to nurse and care for that relationship. Continuing to water the seed that you planted, you nourish it by communicating, getting together, having talks, going to the movies, spending time together, sharing your dreams and your thoughts. Maybe even one day telling them that you planted a seed and wrote everything you wanted in a best friend down in a book.

Thoughts create harvests

Every thought creates a harvest, and it works the same with negative thoughts. The more negative you think about something, and you keep that in your mind, that thought will also manifest. It’s going to come forward. That is why positive thinking is such a big deal! We can think ourselves into a positive atmosphere and a positive light. So, whether you use this seed analogy for a best friend, for more money, for a house, a car, a spouse, children or a job, whatever it is, it will work.

Don’t dig up the seed

The number one piece of advice I can give you from experience is don’t dig up the seed! Don’t move the dirt around trying to see if something might be growing. It is taking root, but you have got to have patience. So, while you are waiting for the seed to grow, while you’re waiting for that seed to poke its little head up through the dirt to tell you it’s growing, you have to nourish something you cannot see, feel or touch. You have to believe in the unseen. You have to believe that something is happening in that dirt.

When you can grasp that analogy and think about all the seeds in your life, there is possibility. But while you have to believe, you also have to have patience and water the unknown, the unseen.

Nourish the unseen

I have recently done this with mentors. I have been investing some of my time in writing down what I want in my mentors and business coaches, and I even wrote the names beside who I wanted for these different topics and areas of my life and business. Let me tell you, it hit me last week, like a ton of bricks.

I posted on Instagram saying I just got slapped in the face because some of the people I have written down are now in my life. Whether I pay them to be here or not, that’s beside the point. Because if I want someone specific in my life, and I had the opportunity to pay for them to be there, then the money showed up and I could do that, which is a huge success as well. So, it hit me like a ton of bricks that my thoughts, actions, feelings and emotions brought these people into my life.

When I was thinking about these mentors I’ve brought into my life and these business coaches, I looked over at this huge pepper plant, and that is where this blog post came from.

Plant prosperity

Please, do yourself a favour…plant, prosperous, positive seeds, even the ones you think will never grow or take root. Even the ones where you say to yourself, “this is crazy. I don’t even think this is going to work.” Plant it, nourish it, fertilize it, water it with your thoughts, your actions, your feelings and your emotions. Just keep doing that every day. Make it a habit and watch your plant bloom. Watch your seed grow from the dirt.

Watch your plant produce more seeds so you can help other people in this world because the seeds that are going to come from this pepper plant, they’re going to go somewhere. Whether it’s to build a pepper farm in my kitchen or give a pepper to a neighbour or loved one, these peppers are going to be shared. What this one little seed has produced is going to be shared with many people.

The next seed Spencer has decided to plant is a strawberry seed…sigh. Let’s say that kid has a belief that a strawberry seed is going to produce a plant. Not that I doubt that, but I don’t see it yet, and that is the last tip I’m going to leave with you with today.

The Little Seed that could -strawberry seed

Spencer’s strawberry seed

Believe in the seeds

People won’t believe in you. People won’t believe in the seeds you’re planting. They will doubt it’s even possible. People will tell you that you can’t do that. You won’t receive that. Please, be like Spencer, and don’t listen to what other people say. Continue to plant your seeds, nourish them, fertilize them, and water them with positivity, optimism, and knowing that in the end, the right form is going to show up for you. The right fruit is going to show up for you. You can become a manifestation guru.

Your life is in your hands. I ask you now take some time to think about what you’ve read today and then answer this question…

What seeds are you willing to plant today that could completely alter your life and help you to live beyond satisfied?

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