The List You Shouldn’t Live Without

Life is full, and there is always so much to do. For the most part, there is no way to keep track of everything that needs to get done. To not miss something or skip a beat, most people create a list. I created a survey to see what percentage of people actually create lists. Here are my findings. 


There are so many different types of lists we can write. For example, to-do lists, grocery lists, work lists, chore lists, shopping lists, and so many more, but there is one list you shouldn’t live without and this post is all about how I came to discover this life-changing list.

The List You Shouldn’t Live Without

Electronic Lists

As you may know, nowadays we can make playlists on just about anything, including YouTube (psst! Click here to view my power playlist. Oh, and while you’re there, please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel). We can also make lists of music on Spotify, something I have yet to get into but feel it is in my near future. Many have a podcast list, a movie list, a Netflix list, oh, and my favourite, a book list. I use Scribd, which is like Netflix for books. If you want, you can use my link to check it out and get yourself a free month. I often wonder how many lists someone has on their phone and what type of lists they are?

Power Lost - The List You Shouldn't Live Without


Sara’s YouTube Power List

A List I Didn’t Know I Needed

One night, while lying in bed in the dark (you know those nights where your partner is sound asleep, but you’re wide awake?) I found myself scrolling through Instagram. I found this Instagram story of Steve Harvey (host of Family Feud and The Steve Harvey Show). Steve was showing the camera a very unique and incredible list that he has on his phone. I was blown away, wondering, “why haven’t I done this?” The list was so simple and yet so profound.

What I Did Next Was Exactly What I Needed

I chose to close Instagram and thumb my way over to my notes to create this fantastic list. Can I say that even now, writing this blog post, I am still in awe of what I learned? This list became a facepalm moment for me. Here is what I know: there is no rest for the weary, there is no time like the present, and if you want something bad enough and opportunity knocks, you drop what you are doing and make a move. So that is what I did: I made a move and created Sara’s Gratitude List!

The List You Shouldn’t Live Without

As I was creating my gratitude list, I began to realize that this is, in fact, THE BEST list anyone could ever create because you never remove things. You only add things. This list is not a to-do list, a honey-do list or a list that stares at you from across the room making you feel inadequate. This list is full of happiness, great vibes, beautiful memories and it puts me in a place of peace and serenity. Creating the list was super easy, and then it wasn’t. After adding everything I could think of I had to go deep to look for people, places, experiences and things that I bring me gratitude. Going deep became a little harsh because I had to unpeel a few layers that I have not gone through in a while.

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What’s On Your List?

There are a few items that are on my gratitude list that may be odd to some people. If there is one thing I am truly grateful for it would be my bed. I enjoy a good night’s sleep and cuddling with my man. I am continuing to add funky things to my list, but it’s just that: it’s MY GRATITUDE LIST! Not R.H.’s, not the boys, not my dogs, it’s MINE – ALL MINE! I even have “Nascar Naps” on my list. It is a list of things that make me feel gratitude, joy and enlightenment.  

Sara's Gratitude List - The List You Shouldn't Live Without


Sara’s Gratitude List

All The Feels

I must say that reading my list makes me happy. It brings back so many good memories, replaces fear with promise and creates such an indescribable energy within me. Reading my list makes me stronger, it sets my heart on fire and everything that I am grateful for makes me want to keep going, keep pursuing, and continue to live a courageous life, for me and everyone that is on my list. 

Make Your Gratitude List

Do you want to create a list that makes you feel good and makes you feel all the warm and fuzzies? Do you want a list on your phone so that when you are feeling down you can open, no matter where you are, you can read your list and explore all the feels so that you can put yourself in a place of gratitude? If so, then stop reading this and start creating your list! GO! Do it… I challenge you!

Once you have created your Gratitude List, on your phone (that is the key!), let me know by posting the below photo on your social media and tag me (IG sara.l.clarke, FB Sara L. Clarke and Twitter: SaraLClarke. Save this photo to your phone and then post away!

Gratitude Makes Everything Better - The List You Shouldn't Live Without

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