The #CalendarClub Challenge – Cycling Money

I have been cycling a lot this month. For the month of July, I am participating in the #calendarclub challenge that I discovered by following/watching Jesse Itzler run it in February 2020. I honestly thought that Jesse was crazy in running the days of the month in miles but it was inspiring. I am not a runner, but it was so fun watching him complete this challenge.

Jesse is all about Building Your Life’s Resume and that is why he does what he does. Jesse pushes himself past the barriers that his mind believes his body has. It is fun to be a spectator of his journey. But then June 2020 hit and what began to show up on his Instagram stories (and his wife’s, Sara Blakely’s, stories) made my mouth drop. Their son, Lazer, who is 11 years old by the way, decided that he was going to do the calendar club challenge but on his bike. I got so inspired by Lazer’s journey that I decided that to do the #calendarclub challenge, on my bike, for July.

#calendar club - Sara

My First 11 Days of July 12, 2020

In the first 11 days of July, I have cycled 145.18km or 85.40 miles and I am loving it. I have learned so much about myself, my abilities, strength, weakness, the entrepreneurial journey, and money. On my last four rides, I have been able to relate the rides to money in ways that would probably not make sense to most people. But I am going to share the download and thoughts with you right now in the hopes that you receive a few ah-ha’s and takeaways for your life.

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What Cycling and Money Have in Common

Your Money Needs A Rabbit

I want you to know that the 145.18kms have not been flat kilometres. Meaning, I have been cycling up and down more hills than not. Seriously, cycling flat is awesome, fun, and easy. But those hills are a bugger. When I started, I would actually walk my bike up the hill or plead with my son Wil, who is the rabbit to my greyhound and an avid cyclist, to go a different way. Wil never gives in to my pleading and begging. He makes me ride the hills and because of his persistence, I have become so much stronger on the hills, which has helped me on the flat rides too.

rabbit #calendarclub challenge

When working on your money and mindset it is so important to have a rabbit to chase. The rabbit helps you to journey over the bumps, hills and sometimes what feels like a mountain. It will not allow you to change course, quit, or give up on yourself or your dreams. The rabbit keeps you on track and keeps you moving forward on your journey. In this case, the rabbit is a mentor or coach who keeps you motivated. If you want to change your journey and your relationship with money, you need to have a mentor or coach that has been where you are and has walked (or biked) the journey that you want to take.

The Hills Are Where You Grow

These hills taught me so much about life and money and how their journeys are so similar to cycling. My God…those hills are insane. I truly hate them…until the moment I conquer them. Side note, if you are ever in West London and see or hear someone cheering, it is probably me conquering a hill that I hate. Once I conquer the hill, I always ask myself, “Sara, what did you learn about that hill?” Now that I am one-third of the way through the 31-day challenge, I have learned how to concentrate and conquer the hills on my first try.

hills #calendarclub challenge

These hills are just like the tough times we have in our money cycles. Those days where you cannot pay your credit card, or you cannot afford that special thing you want to buy, or when you are short funds while buying groceries. Better yet, when you pay all of your bills for the month and there is nothing left over. Until you learn how to concentrate and focus through the hills/hard times those situations will always seem to appear. And until you have a plan to get yourself through the hills/hard times they will always be hard. Having the right mentor or coach, who has already created the plan that you can follow helps you to learn the plan and execute the plan so that the hills become smaller to ride.

Have a Destination, But Focus on the Moment at Hand

It is always great to know that my cycling route ends at my house, with a nice shower and a comfy bed. When I am cycling and need a bit of motivation, I remind myself about the destination. But most of the time I am focusing on the next sidewalk block or the next street I pass by or even the next turn. Sometimes I am focused on the next stop to have a drink of water. If I only focused on my comfy bed during the trip I am missing so many learning opportunities and life experiences.

#calendarclub - Sara biking

The same goes for money. If you only focus on the destination, let’s say being debt-free, then the actual journey is going to feel and be much harder than it actually needs to be. We need to be present, living in the moment, during the journey of fixing our money mindset, financial status, and the relationship that we have with our money. Just like I focus on one sidewalk block at a time, you need to focus on every step in the money journey to get to your destination. Just like NKOTB sang Step by Step, they too were onto something!

To be honest, I have no idea how I am doing this 31-day #calendarclub challenge…and loving every moment of it. I have no cartilage in my left knee and yet I am still working through every ride, every sidewalk square and I am pushing myself past the barriers that I have created in my mind. The same can be said about money. Even though you may have a ‘money injury’ and you have barriers that you have created in your mind, you can change your money situation. You too can become stronger, smarter and gain courage in your money journey.

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