The Black Sheep

The Black SheepI have seriously run out of fingers and toes to count how many times I have been called the black sheep (in my family, in business and in friendships). This blog post shares why. It is because of the choices I made, and continue to make, that goes against the grain of the people and the world around me.

Never apologize

I used to think that being the black sheep was a dark (pun intended) and lonely place to hang out, but I now realize it’s not. I love hanging out with those who truly get me. And I enjoy having my head down and working my ass off to create a life that my husband, four boys and I love.

I will never apologize for my decisions to put myself, my marriage, my four boys and our businesses before anyone else. AND if you truly know me for who I am, you know that I say this with the biggest heart that always loves to help those who are asking for guidance, love and knowledge, without sacrificing my needs and the needs of my five boys.

The Black Sheep quote

Think of the end

In the end, when I am 107 years old and living out my last days, it will be my five boys and their families surrounding me with love. At that time I want to be able to say goodbye to them knowing that I gave them the world and left them with peace, security and everything they need to create amazing lives for the generations to come.

I want to leave them with proof that no matter what, when you focus on those that love you, when you focus on your destiny, dreams and desires, and when you choose to work hard to create the life you envision, without listening to or giving attention to all those people out there telling you that there is no way, or that you can’t do that or you should want something different, that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible.

^This is why I CHOOSE to be the black sheep^

The Black Sheep 107 years old

My choices

So, please… don’t get mad if you don’t see me out and about. Don’t get mad if I don’t invite you to Sunday dinner. And don’t get mad if you don’t like my choices. These are my choices and I am perfectly happy with them. Because at the end (107 years young) it’s my boys and their families that I have left.

NOW… if you want someone in your life that tells the truth, tells it like it is and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about what comes from her heart or out of her mouth… then I am your girl. ❤

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