10 Tips on Being a Mompreneur

Mompreneur is an amazing title. Most think it is about balancing every aspect of your life, but I believe it is more about managing all aspects. Being a Mompreneur is about asking for help when help is needed and being involved with your family.

The tips I share below are just a few of many that circle this brain of mine, but right now, these are my top 10 tips. As a Mompreneur, everything I am and everything I do is for my family. My family is my team, and I could not be where I am in life without them. If you don’t have a family, find people that will support you, lift you, and hold you accountable – these people are your family. 

Being a Mompreneur - support

In no particular order, here are my top 10 Mompreneur tips:

  1. Know your value.

    Do some research. Based on your education, experience and the time that you have put in, what are you worth?

  2. Nets!

    I have found that the more nets you have out in the waters of business, the more successful you will become. This means you should create different avenues to generate income in your life.

  3. Ask for help.

    Whether it is in your business or home life, ladies, it is okay to ask for help! It will propel your business and life to new levels.

  4. When opportunity knocks, answer!

    If opportunity knocks and it feels right, say YES and ask for wisdom. Being a Mompreneur means you can create and develop as you go.

  5. Don’t be afraid to say NO.

    No is probably the hardest thing to say when in business, but man it feels so good when you know that NO is the right answer…and you follow your gut and use it!

  6. Get a mentor.

    A mentor is someone willing to invest time and opportunities in you. I have one mentor in business, one in leadership, and one in home economics. There are no limits! So, grow and ask for help from those that are already where you want to be.

    Being a Mompreneur - mentoring
  7. You become like the five people you most hang around. 

    So, surround yourself with: 1. Likeminded people and 2. People that you admire and can learn from.

  8. Take care of YOU first!

    If Momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy! It is important to take care of your body, which includes your mind and spirit. Make sure that you are continuing with your education, either through courses or books. Take those much-needed bubble baths, walks, jogs, lounging on the patio – whatever it is that makes you say and feel the, “aahhhhh.” You know, when you say it, and your shoulders drop, and it feels like you are breathing, again? That.

  9. Create a laundry system.

    Laundry – is the bane of my existence! With six members in our family, laundry is never ending and trying to match socks, and whose clothes are who’s…ACK! I came up with a plan, and if you use it, it will change your life, it changed mine. Ready? Everyone gets different laundry hampers, and each hamper goes into the oversized washer and dryer separately. No more washing people’s laundry together. This way, I know whose laundry belongs to who and no more stress over matching socks or the boys complaining that they have their brothers clothes in their drawers. Oh, and the best part is everyone puts their laundry away. This relieves the stress I used to feel trying to put the laundry away and the drawers are all messed up. I can feel the stress coming on just talking about it!

  10. Lastly, schedule!

    I have three calendars that I work with. The main calendar is our family calendar. R.H. and I both host this calendar on our cell phones, and each family member is colour coded. This has been a lifesaver for our family as it has prevented double bookings and arguments about who is where when. The best part, no one can say, “you never told me that you were unavailable or busy.”
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Bonus Tip: Give back! Whether it’s through your time, a service you provide, giving financially, praying for others or any and every other way that you can think of. It will come back you to in ways you never thought of.

Sara Clarke

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