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Share your truthsOne thing I have learned from this crazy time is that life as we know it can change and it can do so quickly. What we think and believe our life to be in one moment, may not necessarily be the same in the next moment. Because of this, I realize that I have not been sharing the deepest parts of me with all of you. When was the last time someone asked you to share your truths?

Share your truths: My truths

I don’t talk enough about money, when it is one of my favourite subjects.

I don’t talk enough about mindset, which is another one of my favourite subjects.

I don’t talk about manifesting, which is probably my favourite subject to talk about.

I don’t talk about Meditation and Prayer, which I love doing.

I don’t talk about seeing Angels, which happens often.

I don’t talk about how I speak with brilliant minds of the past in my dreams, such as Einstein, Carnegie, Hill, Goddard, and others. And that I ask them for guidance and direction in my life.

I don’t talk about how things I see in my dreams become reality in my life.

I don’t talk about how I have déjà vu often or how I know something is going to happen before it does.

I don’t talk about how I can think about someone and within a day they end up connecting with me.

I don’t talk about how being a mom of four teenage boys is amazing, yet confusing at the same time.

I don’t talk about how I am not the most nurturing mom in the world and yet have the best relationships with my boys.

I don’t talk about how R.H. and I continue to nurture a strong marriage 25 years in, and how it wasn’t always like this.

Sara and RHI don’t talk about how working full-time from home with my spouse is the most rewarding yet challenging experience ever.

I don’t talk about how I am different from the rest of my biological family. I feel like I don’t fit in, as if my piece of the puzzle belongs to a different puzzle.

I don’t talk about how I want to be healthier and have a happier body. I want this even though I would rather eat potato chips than work out.

Building and running a business is not easy

I don’t talk about how hard it was to build a business when you have no idea what the heck you are doing.

I don’t talk about the stress and overwhelm that comes when trying to please and create for thousands of women in a community that I help run.

I don’t talk about how rewarding the above is when I see those women succeeding, owning their journey and creating magic. All with the tools, education and opportunities that the community offers them.

I don’t talk about how much I don’t like to write (if hate was a word in my vocabulary, I would use it here), like at all. I wish I could just plug something into my brain and just let it all flow into a word document.

I don’t talk about how much I love to build courses, create programs, which all comes from writing and that I also get paid to write.

I don’t tell stories like I used to, the stories that help other people grow.

I don’t like to talk about myself and my experiences because it seems self-centred.

I don’t talk about being raised as a single child, with divorced parents, while having three sisters.

I don’t talk about being pregnant and finding out we were $3 from bankruptcy.

Yet… I LOVE to talk!

What I have learned from living through COVID-19

If I have learned anything from living through COVID-19, it is that it is time for me to start sharing my deepest thoughts, experiences, expressions, and actions in the hopes that what I share helps someone. Because, in the end, that is why we are here…to make the journey better and maybe a bit easier for others.

So, if any of the above intrigues you, I invite you to stick around. I invite you to share your truths.

But, if any of the above freaks you out, scares you or bores you, I get it if you want to leave. And, if you choose to un-subscribe or un-follow me, know that I will continue to think about you and wish you much success in your own journey.

I am about to open and share from a place that I have not shared from before. I am being shown that now is the time.

I am excited for this new adventure, and to be honest a wee bit nervous. But, I cannot care what others think of the experiences of my journey. Those experiences have made me who I am, and I LOVE ME! I have worked very hard to be me and I continue to work harder.

Today, I want to share this with you, a snippet of my experience of the first five weeks of COVID-19.

Running a business during COVID-19

R.H and I own and operate a bookkeeping and business consulting firm from our home. Forty-seven of our 52 clients are now closed. This means we have a 90% decrease in gross revenue until the state of emergency is over. Thankfully our corporation has other sources of income to help the business survive during this time. Though it is not near what we are used to seeing. Many businesses I know are in the exact same boat, if not worse than us. It is hard and not knowing what is coming in the next few months is scary.

On March 4th, I felt and decided that R.H. would continue working the bookkeeping side of our corporation. I would help our clients navigate through the financial aspects of COVID-19. I laid off hundreds of people, created numerous business strategies, cash flow statements and had hundreds of phone calls. One week alone I was on the phone for 53 hours. I know this because I track my time to the minute.

Helping clients during COVID-19

I also invested, and continue to invest, hours into researching what the Government and Banks are up to, so that I can properly advise my clients with the correct information, so they can make the right decisions for their businesses. Through all of this, I have upset clients, scared clients, angry clients and even suicidal clients that I check in on multiple times a day. Side note: they are doing well and finding help. Then there are those clients who check in with me every other hour asking me if there are any changes.

Share you truths - Prime Minister Trudeau daily press conferences

Daily Press Conferences with Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau on CBC News

We have been receiving daily updates from our Prime Minister since March 13, 2020. And since this date, I have watched the press conference every single day. I am to the point where I know what he is going to deliver, how it will be delivered and what is to follow. I know how he is going to answer questions and what items are still on the table. I know because I am studying every move Parliament is making. I tell you this because it leads to this:

Helping others is my life

Since March 13, 2020, my life has not been my own. I have been living and breathing the finance side of COVID-19. I now help others make sound decisions for themselves and their journeys. I think I went four days without showering. Yes, I changed my clothes, but I was so wrapped up in what was happening that what I needed didn’t matter because businesses and people’s lives were on the line. I say this to tell you, as I am sure I am not the only one who is putting others (aka children) first, I see you and I get you!

It was the right decision to invest all my time and energy into the above. Essentially, the Prime Minister has become my boss. Every day I wait for my directions to be delivered at 11:15 am. Through all of this and the endless hours helping my clients for weeks, I have not and will not be paid extra for any of the work or hours I have invested. And I am okay with this because the greater reward is seeing our clients open their doors again when this is all over. I tell you this because for those who have not received an income for the last four weeks, I see you and I get you.

Share your truths

Being a part of the above, sharing the emotions with clients, going through the motions with clients and with many on Facebook, has shown me that it is important to step up and own your greatness. It has shown me to use the knowledge you harness and the expertise you walk into help others. The rewards are far greater than any bank account. I share this because I know there are people who are afraid to pivot. I see you and I get you.

Today, I invite you to share your truths, your greatness, your knowledge and expertise. Because you never know who you are helping. Life’s journey is greater than ourselves. The journey that each of us are on are our own, but they all collide and are one big journey that travels around a sun to create and stimulate life.

I want you to know that you are a living breathing miracle and that YOU DO HAVE SOMETHING SOMEONE NEEDS… I promise you that.

💗 Sara

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