Seeing is Not Believing… Believing is Seeing.

“Seeing is not believing… believing is seeing” is a line comes from a famous movie…do you know which one? If you’re not sure, take a look:

Every time I watch this movie clip, I get goosies (goosebumps).

Can you see the wind? No, but you can feel the wind.

Can you see electricity? No, but you know the lights will turn on.

Can you see gravity? No, but you know, without a doubt, that you are not going to float away into outer space.

Can you see your loved one when they are not right next to you? No, but you know that they are alive and living… somewhere.

Can you see the commercials and shows on the TV when the TV is not turned on? No, but you know the scheduled programming is still running.

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Your Beliefs Shape Your Reality

Likewise for your beliefs, fears, thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires for your future. You cannot tangibly see these things, but just like the above, they are there.

They say that when you are born, you don’t have any preconceived ideas or beliefs (side note: I don’t know who ‘they’ are or how ‘they’ know this, but it has been said, a lot). Furthermore, it is how you were raised that gives you your beliefs, fears, thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires for your future. These come from your parents and the caregivers who raised you, the friends you hung out with, from your teachers and even your experiences.

What Were You Raised to Believe?

For example, R.H. and I are not hockey lovers, at all. Honestly, if hockey were the only thing on TV, I would have thrown my TV out the window by now. Because if this our four sons have no interest in hockey. This is because we didn’t introduce it to them. We didn’t ‘expose’ them to hockey.

Basketball, however, is another story. R.H. and I love basketball. We watch every Raptors game. We make it a point to make sure we are home for every game, and if we are not able to be, we will watch the game on our phones. So, naturally, our boys enjoy basketball. Nate plays on the high school senior boys’ team, and he also goes to multiple training camps throughout the year. He is also up at 6:30 am 3-4 times a week to hit the gym to practice. As a result, our other three boys are following suit in basketball, but not to the same depth Nate has.

Seeing is Not Believing… Believing is Seeing.
Watching basketball as a family

Our Beliefs Shape Who We Are Tomorrow

We didn’t push the boys into basketball. They were simply exposed to it through our actions and behaviours as they were growing up. The same can be said about every single belief, fear, thought, hope, dream, and desire you have. They have all come from your upbringing.

Seeing is Not Believing… Believing is Seeing.
Go Raptors!


I am NOT a rollercoaster fan. Seriously, I am NOT kidding. It’s the kind of fear that ripples through my body, in fact, just thinking about going on a coaster…OMG! If you want to seriously get in my head with rollercoasters, read I Did It Sacred…OMG. R.H. on the other hand, LOVES rollercoasters, in fact, he like LOVES LOVES LOVES them. I think he is crazy! So, with two parents with completely different beliefs, how do you think my kids have fared? Did I pass on my fear of rollercoasters on to my boys? The answer is not entirely. Our oldest is not a fan, but our three other boys LOVE rollercoasters. This makes me so happy because they are interested in trying new things, all the time…well, except for new food.

Seeing is Not Believing… Believing is Seeing.
Sara doing it scared!

Believing Is Seeing

Other beliefs that have affected our family are around money – making it and spending it, school, sports, movies, friends, and time. As parents, we shape our children’s beliefs and essentially their future, but I will save all that for another blog.

Many call this manifestation, answered prayers or simply luck. Whatever you call it doesn’t matter. What matters is that believing is seeing.

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