Post-It Note Your Way To Someday

I have been doing a lot of online zoom meetings lately, from my office, and 9 times out of 10 I get asked ‘Sara, what are all those sticky notes on your wall?” My reply always is ‘those? Oh, those are my tickets to my Someday goals’. The next question becomes “what is a Someday goal?” – We will get to Someday Goals in another blog. For now, let’s get back to the Post-it Notes.

Maybe call me extreme, but I do a weekly Brain Dump that helps me to get all my thoughts organized and to create a plan for the week. In September, I came back from a 4-day conference and not only did I have my weekly thoughts clogging my head, but I also had all these ideas and actions I wanted to take, which would get me closer to my ultimate goals. I took some time and wrote all these ideas into a book… that I then closed the book and didn’t look at again for a few days.

When I opened the book and started reading through the ideas and plans I thought to myself, ‘wow… I could have done that this week and oh man, that would have been awesome to work on that this week’. I realized that writing my ideas and actions in a book did me a disservice. I thought to myself what can I do to make these more visual and visible? That is when I pulled out the Post-it Notes.

I decided to pull out the most colourful Post-it Notes that I had on hand, my pens, my markers and made my way into my sunroom, where I had massive amounts of floor space to work. That’s right, I said floor space. I sat my butt on that floor and wrote every thought, idea and action that were in book and more that I could think of on separate Post-it Notes. I decided to record the process in hyper speed (my new fav setting on my camera) and not knowing that I was going to write about this process, but now I can share it with you.

This process that I am now calling the Post-It Note Your Way To Someday is what set me free from brain bondage and it gave me the excitement, acknowledgement, accountability and the strength to keep moving forward, to not give up and to truly work towards my big goals, daily. I have placed them on my office wall (on bristol board, so I don’t ruin the walls, you are welcome Hubby) and I see the notes frequently, every day.

Here are the steps that I took to create my Post-It Note Your Way To Someday plan:

  1. Create a Someday goal, where do you want to be in 5, 10 or 15 years
  2. Brain dump all the thoughts, ideas and actions that you know that you need to take/do to get you to your Someday goal in a notebook
  3. Go through your list and group together the items that relate to one another. For example:
    1. Group all your products together
    2. Group all the website ideas together
    3. Group all your writing (blogs, articles, social media) together
    4. Group all processes (systems, launches, etc.) together
    5. Group all team needs together
    6. Group all scheduling items together
  4. Assign a Post-It Note colour to each grouping.
  5. Write 1 thought/idea/action per Post-It Note
  6. Group all Post-It Notes together, based on colour
  7. Arrange on bristol board, per grouping, in order of how they need to be completed, with the most current on the top of your Post-It list.
  8. Hang bristol board on your wall with sticky-tac or thumbtacks

Take a step back and revel in your creation, knowing that all those thoughts, ideas and actions came from your brain and that you now have the beginnings of a plan to help you move towards your Someday goals. Once everything is out of your head, it is easier to understand the what, why, where, when and how you are going to meet your goals. And besides, those bright Post-it Notes stare at you…! You cannot escape them and that my friend, is a good thing!

Now, it’s your turn to take control of your journey, your future and your goals by implementing the Post-It Note Your Way To Someday process.

You are probably thinking “this is great Sara, but then what? What do I do with all these notes?” Trust me when I say that I asked myself the exact same question. The answer is that you choose a Post-it Note to work on. This starts with creating a process for that note. I am a wee bit OCD on this task because I will pull out more Post-it Notes and create a process, with each process item on a Post-it Note.

Once an item is completed I remove the note and keep all the notes in a box. This way when I feel like I have not accomplished much, I go to my box and look through the notes that I have completed. It gives me a boost of confidence, seeing what I have accomplished.

Lastly, keep your packs Post-it Notes close by because you will get more thoughts, ideas and actions that you will want to write down and add to your board.

That’s it – now, go forth and have fun accomplishing the tasks that will get you to your SomeDay goals.

XO – Sara

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