Pissy About Self-promotion?

If you want to read the post instead of watching the video, keep reading.

Business owners who get pissy because someone posts a promotion or a video because they’re selling something or self-promoting. And another business owner gets pissy because that’s happened. Guess what your mindset is in such the wrong place. Because when you go to post something, people are going to get pissy about you because you reap what you sow.

So instead of saying, Oh my gosh, “I can’t believe she just posted that.” You should like it. And say congratulations, because you’re going to reap the gratitude and the heartfelt congratulations ceremony that you just gave that person back onto yourself when you go to post something. Instead, if someone posts something and you’re like, “oh my God, I can’t believe she just posted that, that’s not what this group is about. Like how dare she!” When you go to post something, you’re going to have people saying that about you.

So you’ve got to watch your mindset around what you’re seeing online and stop judging people for what they are posting when they are trying to make a difference in the world. Maybe it’s not a post on socks, maybe it is a post about how to fix your money mindset. That’s to help other people.

And you can’t judge what people are saying or doing or posting to self-promote because you’re going to kick yourself in the ass when you go to do it and you don’t sell anything. And you’ll wonder why you didn’t sell something. And you’re going to think ‘my product or my service sucks.’ No, it’s your mindset because of what you did to Susie Q three weeks ago, when she posted. So you got to watch your mindset. That got really bitchy. I’m so sorry.