New Month’s Day

New Year’s Day is a BIG day for most human beings, especially women and women in business. It is a day where we clean, get organized and plan. A day that makes us feel strong, determined, and ready to take on the world for the year ahead. And a day when we make the perfect plan, get the perfect processes, and clean out every speck of dust. Every year this is the day that, we believe, makes our upcoming year epic! Have you ever noticed that all the work you put in on January 1st and all the hype that went with it doesn’t last the entire 365 days (366 if it is a leap year)? I normally lose steam in February or the first time my plan seems to fail me. This is why I have created New Month’s Day instead of New Year’s Day. I have a January 1st twelve times a year. I have created a monthly process of creating an epic month, every month, and I work through this process at the beginning of every month.

New Month’s Day

It is time I shared it with you in a Cole’s Notes format as I am creating a course around this exact topic and, to be honest, this makes for a long blog post and I am sure you have something else you would rather do than to read a novel on my website. So, here are just a few things that I do at the beginning of every month that I hope you can incorporate into your monthly schedule/routine.

Deep Clean Your Success Areas

I truly hope that you have a designated space(s) where you create success in your life. It might be an office, a studio, the kitchen, backyard or maybe even your bedroom. Hey, no judging here my friend! My bedroom is a very productive place for me! I mean that I work a lot from my bedroom…where did your mind go on that, you dirty girl?! But I will not disagree with you on that either! Okay, back to the blog post. I have two (other) productive studios where I create success: my office and my studio. Over the course of 30-days, these two rooms can become extremely disorganized. Einstein said it best,

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

My desk is only super tidy and clean for about two days a month and those two days are usually the 1st and 2nd of each month. But my mess goes way beyond my desk as it ends up on my floor, bookshelves, and even on the puppy’s crate. The mess also tends to make its way downstairs to my studio. Here is a look at my two success spaces prior to my New Month’s Day process.

New Month's Day Office Messy

New Month's Day Studio messy

At the beginning of each month it is very important to me to have clean and organized spaces so that I can allow my creativity to flow, which, by the end of the month, it looks like the photos above. Not only do I become prideful of my areas, but I also burn calories during the cleanup.

New Month's Day office clean

New Month's Day - Clean Studio

Get Your Money Mastered for the Month

First, I use the financial calendar in the Live Beyond Satisfied Planner and write down all auto payments for the month. This helps me to know the amount of money and make sure it is in my auto-withdrawal account for each week of the month.

Also, I personally have learned to live off cash, for all weekly purchases. During my New Month’s Day, I withdraw the money that we need for the month ahead and I give it a space to live in our home. I create a ledger on the front of the envelope so that I can track the spending. This prevents overspending on groceries, take out, activities, clothes, and other purchases. This also saves me from freaking out when the credit card statement shows up.

New Month's Day

Lastly, I complete my entire bookkeeping process and pay my sales tax to the government on the 1st of each month. I am that person. It helps that I do this for a living, so it is like playing house for me. This also helps me to move all the funds to their appropriate bank accounts. We have 11 accounts, but for VERY good reasons!

Work Bitch…Well Get Ready to Work

I just had to bring Britney in on this one! I create the entire work schedule for the month for Roger and me. This way we know exactly what we are doing when we are doing it, and what to tell our clients in the way of drop-offs and deadlines. I use an Excel spreadsheet to create a general schedule. From there, I break mine down into weekly brain dumps. This helps me stay on task.

I also create our meal plan for the entire month ahead. This saves me so much stress, frustration, and I don’t hear from complaining teenage boys because they know what is on the schedule for the week ahead. This plan is also in the Live Beyond Satisfied Planner.

Let’s Wrap This Up

As promised, I am not sharing every tidbit because this blog post would become a novel. But I did share my top three must-dos in my New Month’s Day process. I truly hope these help you to create that ‘New Year’s Day feeling’ on a monthly basis in your life. Is it a lot to do at once? At first, but it does become a habit and the process does go faster the more you perform it.

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