Money, Money, Money…Mindset

When it comes to money and how we view it, it is our mindset that dictates our relationship with it. How you make it, use it, give it, receive it, count it, protect it, save it or stash it all hinges on the relationship that you have created with money. Your mindset controls your thoughts and feelings around money. These thoughts and feelings come from your upbringing and how your surroundings taught you to view money.

A few thoughts to ponder…

Were your parents good with money, always had enough and were never short on funds?

Were your parents always strapped for cash, couldn’t afford any extras and always short on funds?

Were your parents open about their money, did they talk about saving or investing in the future?

Were your parents discreet, always stressed and possibly argued about money?

Maybe your parents were great with money. However, they didn’t teach you about money and they didn’t show you how to earn it, use it or enjoy it.

Maybe your parents handed you everything you needed and wanted. But when it came time for you to fly the coop, you had no clue how to work with and use money.

Maybe your parents taught you everything about money, including their beliefs & habits. You now carry these beliefs and habits with you in your adulthood, which has caused you nothing but stress and unhappiness.

Maybe you were left to figure it all out on your own and now you are in a pickle because you have done the best you could. However, you know that you are missing some key elements and understanding around money.

See, there isn’t a ‘best way to be raised around money’ scenario. Your past completely dictates how you feel about and use money as an adult. When you come to completely understand this you will start to look at your money dealings differently. This is where your new money story begins.

Money is nothing more than a resource

I came to understand that money is a resource, is just like water and heat. It is something we need to survive. Yet, just like water and heat cannot and do not control my life, neither can money. When you choose to look at money like water, you begin to realize that the grip money has on your life is a factious thought pattern that you have created in the mind.

I began to look at money from a different perspective.

I stopped working for and being ruled by money. And I made money start working for and with me, to create and build a life I love.

Now I no longer have financial stress or allow the thoughts of lack flow through my mind, and I no longer wonder how we are going to pay our next mortgage payment. All because I made a choice. A choice that forever changed my life and the lives of those around me. I chose to take control of my thoughts, feelings, actions and dealings with money.

I am excited to finally share the education that helped me get to where I am now.

It’s time that I share with you what I did, the decisions I made and the lessons I learned along the way. I will write about what worked, what didn’t. A part of this will be me sharing the resources, the books, tools and audios that helped me to finally get a grip on the mindset that had controlled me for so many years.

I have been studying money and the mindset around money for 12 years. R.H (my hubby) and I shared our story on Fixing The Money Thing, an international television show. We have gotten out of consumer debt… a few times, like many people, it took me a few tries before getting it right. I also help businesses and people with cash flow, money management and I specialize in helping businesses turn a profit.

I will talk about what others won’t and don’t

I will share about my upbringing and the habits & the beliefs that I had growing up. I will share everything I know and everything I have learned and continue to learn. I want you to find the financial freedom that I have found. And let me clarify one thing, the financial freedom that I speak of does not mean that I am promising you ‘get rich quick, debt freedom plan’. The financial freedom that I am speaking of is in the mind. Being mentally free of your finances controlling your mindset, your actions and your life.

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Monday will be the day

Every Monday I will post a blog regarding money and mindset. I may be as cheesy to call it Money Monday. My hope is that you will join me to receive tidbits of information that will help you to become financially free as well.

I am ready to share my life lessons and everything in between. Are you ready to read it? I hope so because this is about to get good!

Want to learn more about money mindset now? Read my blog I Am Becoming A Badass at Making Money and More – a book review of You Are A Badass at Making Money.

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