I Was a Messy Ball of Over-committed Stress

Okay, 1st, let’s state the obvious…how is it already December? This is now probably my favourite month of the year, and not just because it is Christmas, as three of our sons have birthdays in December. We spend the entire month celebrating life.

In past years I would be so stressed, doing everything last minute and then I would try to enjoy the events, get together and festivities, which I wouldn’t due to the fact that all I was able to think about was if everything was done and done properly. I would be so mindful of making everyone happy, including the family members that I don’t live with… if you know whom I am talking about. I would also want everything to be perfect so that it looked good on my husband and on me. I would concern myself to meet everyone else’s expectations and schedules. All of this made me miserable and of course, I would hide the feelings all month long. I decided to ask myself why. Why did all of that matter to me?

The woman Sara thought everyone expected at Christmas.

After much thought, I decided that what other people thought of my hospitality, decorating, meals, celebrations, cleanliness of the home and our schedule of events didn’t have to matter to me. Their thoughts, comments and actions did not have to dictate the outcome of my December. Moreover, their comments, thoughts and facial expressions did not have to take hold of my mindset, feelings and emotions. At that point, I decided to stop walking on eggshells for the most magical month of the year and to start enjoying MY December the way I WANTED to.

The shift in my mindset totally revolutionized the season for me. I saw a complete 180 in my month, the festivities and celebrations. However, this did not change for just me, it made a massive impact on my Husband and our boys. The laughter got louder, the timeframes got longer and we truly started to enjoy the true meaning of celebrating life and love, regardless of what was under the tree, on the table or who was with us around that table.

The Clarke 2017 Christmas Card – This is what my new ‘perfection’ looks like.

The month of December is for MY family, MY boys and OUR happiness… and if that ‘bothered’ any other friends, family or foes, that was their problem. Since then, I have never been happier and every year my to-do list gets completed quicker. Today is December 2nd and I already have all 3 birthdays planned, prepared and shopped for. (We have already had 2 parties for Isaac in the last 3 days, as today is his birthday – head on over to my Instagram account to his beautiful birthday face). I already have 90% of all Christmas presents purchased, including stocking stuffers. I have all Christmas events booked and organized. I have the Christmas cards ordered and scheduled to work on next weekend. I also have my business schedule for the month written out, along with our family schedule of activities.

I don’t tell you this to gloat. I share this with you because 3 years ago I was a messy ball of over-committed stress who became the Grinch for the month of December. So, if you are feeling this way or on your way there, I want you to read my article: Tackling the December Chaos that I wrote for Mompreneurs®. I know that it will help you to also revolutionize your December and bring so much more happiness to your life this season. << That is what I want for you and your family.

Please know that you are not alone this season. I got your back! Reach out if you get overwhelmed and need a shoulder.

XO ~ Sara L. Clarke

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