Life Is About Transitioning

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Life is about evolving. It’s about transitioning. It’s about becoming who you were truly destined to become. And on my journey, that means transitioning from different brands, different companies, different human thoughts. And I can see people going, “she changed her brand again”, “she’s trying something new again”.

Trust me, it is words that have been sitting here for the last five years. And what I’ve come to realize is this doesn’t matter. I don’t care what people think. I don’t care what people are saying. I really don’t. What I know is, I started with the Live Beyond Satisfied brand and I’ve come a long way two years to go, I still love that brand. It’s still who I am, but it’s not direct enough. It was a little too soft because I started becoming harder. I’m becoming harder in my confidence. I’ve been becoming a badass.

So for me to be a badass and tell people to own up and going on to live beyond satisfied, that’s too much. Like it was just a change. I remember driving with my husband and I said, I think I need to change our brand. He goes to what I go, badass women. And he’s like, “that’s you, you need to do that.” That’s the only person outside of myself that I actually will listen to. So there’s a lot of people out there probably going, “Oh my God, here she goes again”. Yes. Here I go again and watch me, watch me.