Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

As I sit here at the beginning of a new year, ready to start a new chapter in the book called ‘Sara’s Life’, I am seeing all these amazing people on social media planning out their entire 2019. I see them setting big goals. They are creating huge plans. Furthermore, they seem to be scheduling every moment that’s about to happen. And all this has really made me think because, for the last 18-years, this was me.

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I am one who LOVES to plan. I actually pre-plan my plans. Planning always makes me feel really good. It makes me feel like I have already accomplished something. Planning gave me the energy and excitement to start forging ahead to work on my goals, tasks, projects, etc.


Let’s cue in the multiple times (like hundreds) where I didn’t have the push, the gusto or the interest to keep going. I would miss the deadline for my goals and projects would not get completed. I would get stressed out. The stress would lead to crummy eating, no sleep and a nasty Momma. I would then throw out all the plans I have written out and scrap the schedules and all the ideas and start over. I did this because it was easier to restart than it was to pivot and keep going. Can you relate to me at all?

2018 was a year that taught me about life and learning to live beyond satisfied (hence the name of my brand, blog and mission). I learned that I excelled at my goals, tasks and projects when I would let go of working so hard, so often. I learned to have fun and how to love to live the life that I would truly thrive in.

Here is what I learned


Don’t make this ‘life’ thing and ‘business’ thing so hard or too confusing. You don’t need a huge plan, key pillars, end goals, resolutions, life maps, flow charts and you don’t need the next 365-days day all mapped out.

You don’t need to know what is going to happen in the next 365-days… and chances are you don’t know nor will you until it happens. The plan won’t work exactly how you wrote it down, it won’t be completed to the T and you are going to end up stressing yourself out because you didn’t hit that goal by the deadline you gave it. You are going to end up stressing yourself out because something didn’t go as planned.

What you need to start doing is LIVING. Living in the now, the current moment and be the best and give the best of yourself in every single moment that you can. This is what will bring you the drive and the determination. This will bring you the success, the happiness and the love that you so desire. This is what will help you to meet your goals and your resolutions. It will help you build your map for the coming days, weeks and months. This is the foundation for everything you choose to do.

Sure, writing stuff down is fun and energising. But living it, living life in the moment, is exciting!!


As we venture into this new year, I ask you as you make the massive plans, schedule everything, write goals, resolutions and make these big decisions…

I ask you to allow yourself space to breathe, run, play, laugh and understand that life, it cannot be lived in a business binder, a goal sheet or a well planned out 365-day plan. Your Life is truly lived when you choose to LIVE it and to live it well.

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Andrea's thoughts on the 12 New Habits in 12 Months
Andrea’s thoughts on the 12 New Habits in 12 Months

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