What I learned from Post Malone, Tyla Yaweh & Swae Lee

I had the pleasure and honour of accompanying my 12-year-old son to a Post Malone concert. Let me start by being honest; I had no idea what to expect. I had listened to some of his songs, I had seen his tattoos, the way he dresses, the cigarettes in his hand, I know that Bud Light sponsors him, and I hear the swear words that come out of his mouth. So, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect in attending this concert.

What I can tell you is this, the concert was amazing. If my son wants to look up to someone like Post Malone as a role model, I’m okay with that because of what I discovered. I want to share a few things that I learned from the three artists I heard that night: Tyla Yaweh, Swae Lee, and Post Malone.

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Firstly, these guys are 24 years of age and here they are standing in this stadium with 15,000 people wanting to hear what they have to say and enjoy their music. As my son is enjoying the concert, I am thinking, “Okay, what’s going on, what’s happening, why is he like that, why is this happening, how did they get here?” I start to ask all these questions and then I start getting the answers to these questions.

I started getting this download, a revelation, and I want to share a few of them with you.

1. Humble beginnings

These artists (kids) all come from humble beginnings. Maybe they had crappy upbringings. Tyler said he was homeless three and a half years ago and now he’s on stage singing the opening for one of his mentors, Post Malone, in front of 15,000 people and two sold-out crowds. All three artists are so humble. They were honoured and the gratitude that flowed out of all of them was insane. Gosh, if Tyler can go from homeless to what he’s doing now, what can I do? What can you do?

2. No matter the audience, go for it

The one element that ‘got me’ about Tyler is that the arena was practically empty. No one showed up until about nine o’clock. They came to see Swae Lee and Post Malone. At this point in the concert, I begin to have a mom’s heart for this kid thinking, “Oh my gosh, not everybody’s here, and Tyler is giving it his all.”

You go out and put your heart and soul into something, and people don’t show up. But what I learned from him is that he didn’t care if there was one person or 15,000 people in the audience, he went for it. He didn’t drop his energy during the entire 30 minute set. He jumped barriers, literally. Tyler went into the crowd on the main floor and he came into the one hundred levels and connected with the people.

It doesn’t matter if you have one person or a million people, drop the bomb, let it out, let it flow. So, even right now, if one person reads this blog post or watches the video, this is for you. I have learned that numbers don’t matter. It’s the energy you give to the people who show up. So, who’s showing up in your life that you need to give energy to?

What I learned from a Post Malone concert

3. With drive, determination and commitment, you can do anything!

Those are the things that got Tyler where he is. Visualizing, seeing and changing his mindset to understand what he could become, and he’s become exactly what he believed.  When I used to hear young artists thank their fans, I would think it was fake. That they would just say stuff like that because you bought a ticket to their concert. The gratitude between all three of these artists was genuine and huge.

4. Be polite and honest

Fast forward to when Post Malone came out and sang an incredible song. He welcomed the crowd by saying, “Hi, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Austin Richard, Post…” What? This tattooed hip hop kid said, ladies and gentlemen? And, told us his name? I was shocked because when celebrities change their names, they don’t usually tell you their real names. As well, I thought this kid was in his thirties. I didn’t know he is only 24 years old.

This kid has so much charisma. He’s one of the politest people I’ve ever met. I mean, I didn’t meet him, but by listening to him, you can tell his gratitude is beyond expected. The entire time, I was thinking, “Dude, you’re growing my heart.” Because of the gratitude he had for the platform that he has been given, he went after his dream. He chased what he wanted and became what he envisioned. I honestly cannot get over how polite he is. I’m not kidding.

Post Malone’s Toronto Opening

5. Be true to you

At one point, I said to Isaac, do you know why when Post Malone pulled out a cigarette, everybody cheered? Do you know why everyone cheered when he crushed the guitar?  (I still think it wasn’t a real guitar, but that doesn’t matter). People cheered because the people in the audience wish that they could have enough Post Malone courage placed in their pinky finger to do something out of the box. There’s a part of Post Malone who spoke to everyone in that crowd. It made us want to be who we are; to not hide behind anything, just be who we are. And yet people get stuck on the fact that he has tattoos on his face. That is his self-expression, and whether that is hiding his polite charisma or charismatic personality to get where he needs to go, that’s up to him.

Be who you want to be. Don’t allow anyone or anything tell you different period…end of discussion.

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6. There’s no judgment

There’s no criticism. If you’re sitting here judging people like Post Malone, I think you need to get to know their hearts a little better because I went into the concert with a little bit of judgment, but I’ll tell you I was open. I said to myself that I was leaving my mind and my heart open to listen to this gentleman (this young gentleman). Seriously, seeing what he has created and how he addressed the crowd by saying things like, “Ladies and gentlemen, is it okay if I…?” and at one point he said, “Listen, I totally F*** up this song every time I play it (he was on acoustic guitar). Can you please sing along with me, so I don’t feel like a F*** up?” Post Malone reached out for help. He was authentic, he was real, and it was just him.

Post Malone concert

7. Release your inner superhero in your own way

If you want to release your inner superhero and show it on the outside to get to where you know you can go and where you want to be to fulfill the mindset, the drive, the determination, and the vision that you have in your mind and your gut…do it. Who cares what people think? Be out of the box. At the same time, keep a heart of gratitude. Keep an attitude of gratitude. Stay polite.

8. Cherish every moment

Cherish every moment that you have on this earth and treat people with respect.

9. Language has no barrier

Let me tell you something, Post Malone shared an amazing motivational speech at the end of the concert for about 20 seconds. Every third or fourth word was a swear word, but what he said radiated with everybody in that room. He said, “You are all Rockstars. Don’t give a f*** about what anybody else thinks or what anybody else says you do.”

I watched these three kids with their attitude of gratitude, being who they truly are, being so appreciative and polite, and at one point Tyla, in the beginning saying, “Everybody hold up your cell phones and turn on your flashlight because we are not the only stars in this room. All of you are Rockstars. Raise your lights and let everybody see you shine.” Really… from a rapper with blue dreads!

Post Malone Concert
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You are a Rockstar!

I want you to understand that YOU, too, are a Rockstar!

You can do everything you want to do. Why are you holding back? They don’t hold back. Post Malone said at one point there were people who said to him, you’ll be a one-hit-wonder, you’ll never make it. He had a lot of negative people throwing crap and judgement at him. Now he’s one of the top five singers in the world in that genre. And now, those people who talked so negative to him are shaking his hands saying congratulations. That’s where his song, Congratulations, comes from.

Are you willing to look a little crazy? To go out of the box? Are you willing to lead in your life? That is where it comes from. Those are the questions you need to ask yourself.

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I’m going to share my last piece of advice with you. When we went to line up at the doors to go into the concert and I asked the security guard, “Hey, I’m a Scotiabank member, are they going to open up the Scotiabank Member’s Area for admittance? He said, “No, your entrance is right here.” No one was lined up at this entrance, but all these people were standing around… no one was lining up.

I said to Isaac, “Do you want to be first?” So, we lined up, but I lined up in the wrong spot. Security then said, “Ma’am, you have to line up over here.” So, I said, “Oh, okay.” Knowing that I had no idea where I was supposed to line up in the first place. But the moment Isaac and I lined up in the correct spot; it was like bees to honey. Everybody lined up and I said to Isaac, do you know why that happened?

His reply was “because we are awesome.” I agreed with him and chuckled. I then proceeded to tell him it happened because people need leaders.

Be the leader

The world needs leaders. Why? Because all those people did not understand how to line up because the payout was weird. It was discombobulated, to be honest. But nobody went to ask for help. Nobody thought, “let’s try this out.” Instead, they stood around and waited until someone took ownership of maybe potentially looking stupid to lead.

So, are you going to be a leader in some aspect of your life, or are you going to wait for someone to lead you? Because in the end, you don’t have to be the leader of every single area of your life. I’m not. But I am willing to lead in those areas where I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can do something. Or at least I’m willing to look stupid to get where I need to go. If people choose to follow along, that’s amazing.

Sara and Isaac at Post Malone

So, that’s my story. I feel it is really important to put this out there and to grasp these concepts. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Have an attitude of gratitude. Love on the people who show up. Be your authentic self. And if you have to do something crazy with your hair, your body, your clothes, whatever, to unleash your inner superhero, then do it. Who cares what other people think?

I love you. You’re important. I want you to create a life where you live beyond satisfied. Create some epic-ness in your life today by taking the lead. I believe in you!

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