What would you do with the Infinity Stones?

What if you were given the gauntlet with the Infinity Stones that appear in several popular Marvel Comics and subsequent movies? What if you had all the power and capabilities to change, not just everything around you, but everything in this world? 

How would you use the gifts and powers that have been given to you? What would you do?

I ask you these questions because they were asked to my husband by our 12-year-old son, Isaac. Isaac was curious about what his dad would do with all that power. R.H (my hubby) had a hard time answering these questions because having that much power in this galaxy, at any given time, is a lot to unpack. Isaac would announce each stone to R.H. in the form of a question. Such as, “okay dad, the Power Stone, what would you do with it?” R.H. would give him an answer and then Isaac would move onto the next stone of his choosing.

What would you do with the Infinity Stones?

(R.H with Isaac on the 1st day of school)

R.H.’s answers for each stone

Since the conversation with Isaac, R.H. informed me of the answers that he gave for each stone. Then, he took it a step further and thought about what stone he would add. For R.H. the stone that he would add is the Truth Stone, which led to an in-depth discussion about if it is a stone that he would truly want to have because to know the truth about everything is a huge weight to carry, not to mention that you may not want to be around others because you may be hurt, rejected or angry with the people you love. So, truthfully (no pun intended) would you want a Truth Stone?

Before we dig into that, let’s dive deep into the gauntlet and what each stone is and what its attributes are. Let me start with saying that the Infinity Stones are also referred to as the Soul Stones. They are one and the same. However, there is a Soul Stone, so let’s start with it first.

Infinity stone orangeSoul Stone (orange)

The Soul Stone allows the user to alter the souls of the living and the dead. The user can also steal, manipulate and control other souls. If the Soul Stone is backed by the Power Stone, then the user has control over all life in the entire universe.

Infinity stone greenTime Stone (green)

The Time Stone allows the user to control time in the universe. They can see into the future and back into the past. They can also speed up and slow down time. The user can also time travel and change the past and the future. They can trap people in a certain time frame. When backed by the Power Stone, it grants the user complete control of the past, present and future.

Infinity stone blueSpace Stone (blue)

The Space Stone allows the user to exist in any location and move objects anywhere throughout reality. They can teleport with or without others, rearrange space, alter the distance between objects, and defy physics. When backed by the Power Stone, it grants the user omnipresence.

Infinity stone yellowMind Stone (yellow)

The Mind Stone allows the user to enhance their mental abilities. It can also enhance their psychic abilities. Users can access the thoughts and dreams of other people. When backed by the Power Stone, the Mind Stone can access all minds in existence, simultaneously. The Mind Stone is the manifestation of the universal subconscious.

Infinity stone redReality Stone (red)

The Reality Stone is the ‘genie’ within all the gems. The Reality Stone allows the user to fulfill all their wishes, even if the wish goes against scientific laws and can help the user to do the impossible. When backed by all the other stones, the Reality Stone allows the user to alter the reality on a universal scale and can create any alternate reality the user wants.

Infinity stone purplePower Stone (purple)

The Purple Stone allows the user access to manipulate all forms of energy. They can also enhance their physical strength and durability. It gives them superhero or superhuman abilities. It is also a ‘power-up’ for all the other stones. When used with all the other stones, it gives the user ultimate power.

Now that you know what each stone does, my question remains: What would you do if you had the gauntlet (the glove that holds all the stones)? What would you change?

Knowing that every decision you make will have an effect, a cause and effect, on the world. Would you…
  • Go back in time to prevent the Amazon Rain Forest from catching on fire?
  • Bring someone back from the dead?
  • Take power over a country…or the world?
  • Change your past?
  • Time travel?
  • Teleport with your girlfriends to Paris?
  • Control someone else’s mind?
  • Ask for everything you have ever wanted?

What would you choose? I can hear someone out there reading this asking, “What would you do Sara?” The truth is, I would use a stone or two to change a couple of things that would truly only affect my family and me. My changes would not bring a harmful cause and effect to anyone or anything. My choices would be so obsolete to everyone else, but an impact on me.

It’s okay to say, “I would use ____ stone to ____ so that ____.” I believe it is healthy because how you think you will use the stones says a lot about your life now and how you are living (or not living). If you have many things that you would change right now, that tells me you are not currently living a life you love.

Free Empowering Cell Phone BackgroundsAfter looking at what I would do with the gauntlet and stones, I realized that the things I would change or impact are things I can work on right now. They are things that I can make different right now and things I can work towards. See, you don’t need a gauntlet or the stones to snap your fingers and make your life the best it can be. You can do that right now! 

Make your life the best it can be:

  1. See the positive/upside of everything. Every situation, relationship, outcome, etc. I found this to be the easiest and hardest thing to do. What I mean by that is that you have to choose to see the upside in every situation. There are always two ways to see something, positive or negative. When you choose to see it from the positive side, life becomes more fun, you become more alive, and you start to attract more of the same.
  2. Create boundaries. Make sure you use the word NO as often as possible so that you can create boundaries in your life. Often, we don’t enjoy life because we are living it for others. Well, if you want the epic life that you so desire and deserve, then you need to create it, and boundaries is a great addition to a healthy foundation.
  3. Create confidence. If you want that epic, happy life, it is imperative that you build your confidence. I believe that confidence is an inner superpower that you possess, and it could also be another Infinity Stone. Confidence is the key to creating a strong you. It is what makes us capable of doing the things we need to, to create a life we love. Confidence helps us to say no to the things and people that don’t serve us. It helps us reach new levels in our being so that we can help others that are in our lives. Confidence is magnetic, and it helps us get the job done.
  4. Have faith. I am BIG on manifesting everything and anything that you need, want and desire. We create everything that we are now living. I believe that there is a right time for everything. For me, the biggest aspect of creating and living a life you love is to have faith that everything is happening because you chose it, and that time is always on your side.

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Have faith.

I believe this, fully and wholeheartedly. When you have a faith that cannot be shaken, that is un-measurable and can stand the test of time (there is a real reason as to why that saying was created) then you have everything you need. This faith is in whatever you believe to be real to you. Whether you give it a name or call it the universe or energy, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have faith, but most importantly, that you have faith in yourself.

You need to believe in yourself and your capabilities because they are within you, for you and those around you.

The gauntlet and stones analogy above was to have you reflect on the life you are currently living. Think about what you want now and understand that you have everything you need within you. You just need to choose to “Unleash Your Inner Superhero!”

X.O. – Sara L. Clarke

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