I Think I Sucked This Weekend

The past Friday night I spent almost 6 hours planning out my Month. I had my entire weekend planned out. And if all items were accomplished I would be laughing going into the week ahead. I made sure that my weekend list was accomplishable and not overwhelming. Especially with what I was able to tackle last weekend, I was like ‘ I totally got this’. Well, this weekend did not go nearly as planned and I know why.


I stayed up way to late…

It was because of Friday night as I decided to work until 2 am. Which meant I slept in on Saturday…until 10 am (OMGosh)! I then got up, went for my walk and then got ready to work. This gave me 3-hours to work, as I had an appointment later on. I got home from my appointment, fed the family, did some laundry and then it was magically 10 pm. It was like time flew by or got away from me.

At this point, my drive and determination took over and I went hardcore. With my blinders on and worked through until 2:30 am (another late, late night). Going to bed I was still wide awake and wanting to do more. Knowing that if I stayed up longer it would throw my Sunday off…and that it did. Sunday became a day of Nascar, Raptors, movies, social media and I knock a few things off my list.


This photo is a part of my Friday night planning. I had so much fun planning out my Month.

I did not feel accomplished

Sitting here, writing to you I feel like I did not accomplish anything that weekend. It felt like I wasted my entire weekend. Do you ever feel this way? Do you get hard on yourself for the lack of work that you feel like you did? I do, and I did. But here is the flipside… I did accomplish many tasks that weekend, just not the ones I was hoping for. To prove this to myself I made a list and holy moly! There were many tasks that I accomplished that my brain did not compute these items as tasks. As these tasks were not on my to-do list.

I did accomplish 15 of the 26 items on my list. I also accomplished a few more items that were not on my list. This included configuring and branding my Instagram account and making a homemade lasagna dinner. I was now smiling because I did the best I could. I enjoyed every task I worked on and I am now sharing my lesson of not feeling accomplished, with you.

The lies need to stop

panicked woman

As women, we can become way to hard on ourselves. We lead ourselves on to believe that we are not good enough, nor do enough. You need to take a step back and re-evaluate your situation. The stinkin’ voice in your head that is telling you lies!

They are lies…I promise you! When we feel like we are failing we become so hard on ourselves. STOP IT! No joke, you have to take control of your thoughts and actions so that you can continue to move forward. It needs to be full speed ahead so that you can continue to create an amazing life.

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Here are the steps I took to STOP IT:

  1. Stop, Drop & Breathe – I simply just stop and take a few deep breaths
  2. Make a List – get out your pen & paper and make a list of everything you accomplished. This includes getting out of bed, eating and laundry.
  3. Celebrate your successes – because the reality is that you just wrote down tasks that you did not acknowledge as accomplishments.
  4. Unfinished tasks become finished – the tasks that you have not accomplished, need to fit into your schedule for the week coming. Get those done. Mark them off your list.

With number 4 you are probably thinking that adding these tasks to your week means that you are going to have to wake up earlier to tackle these items. Or, if you are like me, you are going to work late and go to bed much later than usual. At that point you will be telling yourself ‘you are never slacking off again’ because your weekly schedule and sleep schedule is so important to you.

That being said, I would much rather work from 8 pm to 2 am than any other time of day. I am not 100% why but I love it. I work into the wee hours once in a while, but it has been a long time since I did so. To me, this was an item on my list of things I accomplished. It was like ‘I am back baby!’

Now it is your turn


Now, I want you to stop, drop & breathe and give thanks for the days you live, no matter how hard, trying. lazy, happy, fun or exciting they are. A grateful heart can accomplish all things.

psst! If you are not able to accomplish much on the weekends, you may have commitment issues. Check out the Have Commitment Issues? blog.

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