I Did It Scared…OMG

I’d like to think that there are just a few things that I am truly scared of. I’d also like to think that the things I am scared of are the BIG things. You know, like jumping out of a plane, bungee jumping or maybe even eating exotic foods like live bugs. I wish that my nerves agreed with the above statements and that I could say that I am a thrill seeker, that nothing scares me and I will try and do anything…dare me!

But, as my husband R.H. would tell you, I am a scaredy cat. I don’t like heights, I don’t like speed, I don’t like my body going in any direction but what it was designed to do, which is feet flat and firm on the ground. Goodness, I couldn’t even high-jump in elementary school because I was so afraid of going over the bar incorrectly and landing in such a way that I would get hurt. I did participate in hurdles though, but that is only because if I fell, I was only inches from the ground.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, last Monday, all my fears were tested and, why did I wear THAT shirt?

Last Monday R.H, our two littles (our 8-year-old & 11-year-old sons) and I were at Disney World. See, I just finished attending an epic 4-day conference, with Elite Blog Academy, and we thought that for our last day in Orlando that we would visit Disney World. We decided to start with Hollywood Studios. This was our very first time attending this park. We had no idea what to expect. I will say that the design, layout and colour scheme of Hollywood Studios caught my eye, it was amazing. It was like we were thrown back into the 1950’s.

After visiting Star Wars, which was so cool and my chair never left the ground, just saying. We ventured over to a ride that made me think twice about going on it. And not so much for me, but for my 8-year-old son. Really, who are we kidding here…no one! Am I the only one who uses their children’s fear to get out of a situation? I figured if it too scary for Spencer then it is too scary for me.

I decided to research this ride and see what it was all about. I mean, it looked ‘okay’ on the Disney app. It said, and I quote “Age Interests: kids, adults, teens, tweens. Thrill Type: Thrill Ride, Big Drops, Loud”. As I am reviewing this ride on the app, I look at the actual ride and it is inside a building. I think to myself ‘okay, the drops cannot be that big, it is in a building’. And I should also mention that the 3 people in the photo for this ride a smiling, they look so happy. I look at Spencer he is so stoked to go on this ride.

We decide to get in line, which is only a 25-minute wait. We start walking through the designated area and we enjoy the music, the sounds and each other’s company. I even ask R.H. to take my photo. Below is me waiting in line, prior to me hearing THE ANNOUNCEMENT and I already look nervous.


From this photo, you are probably thinking that the said ride was the tower behind me, but you would be incorrect. The Tower of Terror was simply in the background. By the way…did you notice my shirt?

Before I go on, I must tell you the ride that I am waiting in line for is the Rock n’ Roller Coaster with Aerosmith. Let’s continue…

I took this photo BEFORE lining up for the ride and
I did not even notice that the car was upside down!

Imagine, I am now in the building, about to go through the internal doors to the ride and I hear “please note that this ride is not suitable for people who are pregnant, have heart problems or are elderly. This ride is loud & fast with big drops and…(wait for it)…upside…down…manoeuvres”. WHAT!!! NO, NO, NO…this cannot be happening.

I don’t think you understand…I have diverted infamous rollercoasters because, if you recall, I don’t like heights, speed and my body being anyway but right side up. At this point, I can feel the anxiety bubbling up inside of me. I become terrified, like the 3-year-old who is freaking out on the Dumbo ride.

I look down at my 8-year-old and I say “Spee, are you sure you want to do this?” His response “Mom, no turning back now and besides, you are wearing your Do It Scared shirt, so you have to do it!” Are you freaking kidding me? O.M.G. I decide to keep on going.

We get to the point where they assign you a row and guess what? Wait, you will never guess… they give Spencer and me the front row. I was not having this, no way. I opt to give it to R.H. and our 11-year old Isaac. We get into the seat and man the restraint that goes over your head is tight. At this point, I am strictly there to console Spencer as I just know he is going to freak out. I am reciting Mel Robbins “5-4-3-2-1…this is not anxiety, this is exciting.” And the roller coaster is off. They say a picture speaks a million words, so here you go…


I did it! I was freaking out and had every emotion and feeling go through my entire body all at once. But…I DID IT! And you know what, it wasn’t that bad, I almost enjoyed it. I also discovered that I am stronger than I thought I was, I have allowed a false fear, the fear of the unknown, hold me back for 30 years, if I push myself I can do anything I put my mind to and I also learned that when I don’t have faith in myself, my 8-year-old has enough for both of us. – they all loved the ride.

I want you to take something away from my experience and implement it in your journey. I want you to know that even though something seems so scary, and it probably is, you can get through it. You may have to do what I did and close your eyes until you don’t feel scared anymore. Having said that, I now wish that I had my eyes open the entire time, even though it was pretty dark. If I can go on a rollercoaster with a corkscrew, you can tackle your own rollercoaster. I know you can!

The reason why we get scared is that our brain cannot comprehend the activity that we are about to do because it has never done it before or because the brain recalls a bad experience. This is the whole ‘step outside your comfort zone’ mantra. Sometimes you need to tell your brain to shut up and you need to move forward, shaking in your skin. Then maybe, just maybe, you will be amazed by what you do next, like me, I went onto enjoy Space Mountain, another rollercoaster, that same day. And, I should add that we did try to ride the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster again, but the wait time was over an hour.

~XO Sara L.

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