I Am Not Humpty Dumpty

This week was hard! Like, really hard. I had so much on my to-do list for each of my businesses. Between the to-do lists, the client calls and emails, the government deadlines, COVID-19 work, supporting my coaching clients, running the time management challenge, and wait…there was family stuff too. Guys, it was H.A.R.D. And I am not just talking about not having enough time or having scheduling issues. I am talking about the energy needed to get through it all. But through it all, I realized I am NOT Humpty Dumpty.

Taking the time to re-energize

When everyone needs something from me, I tend to put out so much energy that I drain myself to the point where I make myself sick. Have you ever gotten to this point? For me, it takes me to a place where I am exhausted, quiet and I just want to curl up in bed. Not to mention I lose my appetite. This was me last week, but I did not land in bed. I decided to rest up on Monday, as best as I could, and then Tuesday through Friday I made sure I got more sleep than I normally do. I ate even though I was not hungry and I took deep breaths to stay sane.

Make time to eat

Removing what does not serve me

I also re-wrote my weekly to-do list and took off anything that was not urgent or did not serve me. I took more time with my loved ones and I cried a few tears in the bathroom. And you know what? I got through the week. I did it! It was hard, trying, uncomfortable and yet I am so proud of myself because I proved to myself that I am stronger than I thought I was.

Sara's to-do list

To be honest, it is really hard for me to write this. But, I know there is a reason that I am supposed to. Maybe there is someone out there who needs to hear that these times in our lives happen. And it is not why that matters, but it is about how we survive through them and how we come out on the other side.

Counting my blessings

During this insane week, I also received many blessings. From manifestations coming to fruition, to family being healed, to clients re-opening, to spending more time with my boys. It became blessing after blessing, and my sickness and sadness started melting away. Sometimes the hardest times are the best times. When we start to look for the positive things we tend to not see the negative. As I was working on getting out of the space that I was holding, seeing all the positive things truly helped.

Counting my blessings

When 4:51 pm on Friday hit, my friends, I was D.O.N.E.! I was done with being in my office, being ‘available’ for any human in my life. I decided to go to Costco and order a pizza to end the day. From there, I had an 8 pm coaching call and then I hit the bed to watch the final episodes of Fuller House. But then I opened my eyes Saturday morning wondering what the day had in store for me.

Taking time for me

I DECIDED Saturday would be the first day of the rest of my life. I got up and invested an hour and a half into ME! So, I hung out in my bathroom doing all the things; hair treatment, shower, shave, eyebrows, mustache (yep, said it!) lathered myself in my favourite lotion from Tiber River, and did my makeup. I chose not to leave my bathroom until I was ready to take on the day. Until I had fully filled my cup. I took the day easy but got so much done. I was SO ready for a fun night and a busy Sunday.

Tiber River
So, if you are feeling empty, drained and cannot find the energy to keep going, please find, no…MAKE time for you! You are SO IMPORTANT and YOU MATTER! You need to be filled. Find those things that fill your cup!

Filling my cup - self care

If you are where I was earlier last week, here are my tips to get out of the funk quickly:

1. Rest up – take the time you need to get yourself back. Everything can wait, I promise!
2. Get some extra sleep, or at least get to bed a bit earlier at night. Watch your favourite show or read a good book. The point is to close down sooner than you normally do.
3. EAT… and eat the rainbow! Meaning, eat food that is the colour of the rainbow. Better yet, make a rainbow of food on your plate. I promise you will start feeling better.
4. Take a deep breath (or take 100).
5. Re-write your to-do list for the week. Remove anything that is not urgent and trust me, most things can wait, I promise!
6. Look for the positive things during the hard times. They are there, I promise.
7. Take time for Y.O.U.

Listen, life can be hard, for all of us. But it is what you do during the hard stuff that makes you stronger. If there was not frustration, anger, disappointment, stress or tears, we would not be able to grow into what we are designed to be.

I hope by sharing this, you see that you are not alone. Everyone has challenging days (and even weeks). It is okay to just stop and evaluate life. We only get one life, so please… take a deep breath and know that you are loved.

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