Hello world!

Sara here! I am SO excited to be launching my personal brand this year! Being in business for self, supporting thousands of business owners through their struggles, successions and celebrations, it is now time that I shine my light of knowledge, strengths & wisdom on the rest of the world, so that anyone who is in need of the knowledge I hold within can learn, grow and develop into the person they were meant to be.

I am not a business coach. I don’t have a monthly program to sell you. I will never take advantage of you or play on your weakness. I am simply here to share what I have learned from being an entrepreneur and multiple business owner for 20 years. That’s right! 2018 marks my 20th anniversary as an entrepreneur. I figure that after 20 years of seeing what I have saw, living what I have lived, failing at what I have failed at and being burned by those who lack integrity, who wanted my money more than wanting to help me grow, it’s time to open the door and allow my light to shine across this amazing world we live in. There is goodness in this world and I want to be a part of that!

You may be wondering what my focus is…well, I am on a mission to help human beings take the control of their lives back, to help them live their lives for them, not others and realize that they can have their cake and eat it to. (It sucks when you can only stare at the cake!). I am on a mission to educate entrepreneurs, to know that time is on their side, that time doesn’t control them – they can control time, and to share that they can run successful businesses, raise a family (if you want to) and have everything & anything they want in life. It is doable…I know…because I am living proof.

I do have so much to share and cannot wait to write more, be more and live more for helping those who seek help to become stronger, happier and confident in their journey of life. I promise to always deliver great content – because we all need something worth reading, to be efficient with content – because we all have lives to live, and to be a light in the darkness – because it can get dark (and lonely) sometimes.

Stay tuned because great things are coming to my website & social media. Things like: me launching my very personal time management workbook/program – which is a self discovery program. I created this for myself 3 years ago when…wait! I have kept you long enough today. I will continue my story another day. Please, stay tuned and get ready for greatness…I know that I am.

This is your journey, but you don’t have to walk, run or soar alone.

Remember, Life is Amazing…and so are YOU!


Sara L. Clarke

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