Have Commitment Issues?

You are probably thinking “Sara, what does commitment have to do with time management or even business for that matter?” Well, I am about to tell you.

Do you ever create a to-do list and not finish it? Do you make plans and then cancel them? Or how about changing your schedule to adapt it to your day and how it is panning out?

When we work on our time management and we create the schedules, we have the best intentions to fulfil our commitments to the items on our schedule. You know that your world will totally rock if you stuck to your schedule and got your to-do list completely.

But, a lot of the time we find ourselves veering off to other tasks, a ‘9-1-1-‘ comes up or we are needed by family and then we are left with a feeling of regret and disappointment because we did not abide by our schedule and we mess with our time management.

The #1 reason we do this is that we have commitment issues, but not the way we would normally associate with the term. The commitment issue comes from being overcommitted. We max out our daily schedule to the point that we cannot complete when we scheduled. We allow items into our schedule that were not written down. Then we become overwhelmed and stressed.

Here are 5 tips to help you not to overcommit:

  1. Give every task at least 25% more time then you think you need. If you finish ahead of schedule you will be excited and ready to complete the rest of your tasks.


  1. Make sure to give yourself a buffer every day. This buffer should be at least an hour, if not two. This is the time that you deal with those items that pop-up, the items that you did not put on your schedule, but now must be completed.


  1. Schedule family time. Like many other tasks, if you do not schedule it, it does not happen. I find that when I schedule my time with the family and let them know about the schedule, they tend not to interfere with my working time. That being said, they will come into my office and let me know it’s now family time.


  1. Schedule time for time sucks! I am so serious here. Things like Facebook, Instagram, email, phone calls and any other items or tasks that suck you away from the task you are scheduled to work on at that moment. If you have these tasks scheduled, you will lose the feeling to sneak these tasks into your schedule.


  1. Before starting your week do a brain dump. Take 10-20 minutes to dump every task that is spinning around in your head onto a piece of paper, get it all out. When you remove these items from your brain you allow a sense of ease and more room to think about what truly needs to be done and when. Seeing it all on paper really helps you to prioritize your schedule.

It is so important that you remove your commitment issues from your life. I promise, from personal experience, that you will be happier, lighter and you will be able to conquer everything that you want to, in the timelines that you have created.

It’s time to create a life that lives beyond satisfied.

~XO Sara

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