13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space Now

We have all been there, sitting in our office, looking around wondering where the mess came from because you don’t even remember making it. Are you with me here? We get so involved in the work we are doing that we forget about our surroundings until it is too late. Well, I am here to help you to not only save your office but to save your sanity. I have found 13 hacks to organize your office space right now.

That Dang Paperwork

Do you ever find yourself glancing fearfully at the piling mound of paperwork in the overflowing banker’s box sitting in the corner? Occasionally thinking, I’ll get to it. It won’t take too long to sort. Then the realization hits you, I don’t even know where to start! Fortunately, I’ve found some awesome tips to help you sort that eyesore and gain total control of your paperwork nightmares. Here are some great tips from Birch Tree Organizing.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space Now Paper work

So, you’ve sorted that ever-growing mound of paperwork that lurks in the forbidden drawer of your house. Only to realize some of this paperwork is 20 years old! Okay, so maybe not 20 years, but you know what I mean. You think, at some point, I must be able to shred some of this stuff! But, how long can I go back? Are some documents more time-sensitive than others? Thankfully, the following reference might help you with these time-related decisions. Birch Tree Organizing has us covered here as well.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space Now Paper work paperwork

With loads of paperwork finding its way into our daily lives, from cash register receipts to paper bills/invoices that you receive in the mail, to magazine subscriptions, taking the time to organize your office is absolutely necessary in order to keep everything in order. Here are some DIY hacks from Full Home Living that can easily help you keep a handle on your daily mail.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space Now mail storage

You’ve made the decision. You’ve committed to the cause. Now how do you categorize your paperwork? How many file folders do you need? How do you sort into folders that 30 item credit card statement? Do you need to be so detailed? How do you know what to keep? These are just a few of the many questions you may be asking yourself when setting up your file folder system. Take a look at this article that may help you organize your office by making your filing system the best ever. Once again, Birch Tree Organizing saves the day.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space file storage

That Dang Laptop

Your laptop, your trusted friend. It’s always open for business and holds a reminder of all your daily activities, which might include emails, videos watched, and… maybe some of the day’s food choices along with some dust and dirt. It needs to be cleaned. The Thrifty Kiwi gives us some hacks to make your laptop look new again.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space laptop cleaning

Those Dang Cords

Hey, can you unplug my computer power cord and bring it to me? Ahhh, which one is it? I think I got it. No, not that one. Try the one beside it. Oh no, that was the power cord to the back-up hard drive! So, you know what it’s like, piles and piles of mangled spaghetti behind the scenes. A mass of tangled cords all knotted together and no way to tell which cord is which. How do you easily sort the cord mess and organize your office? Check out these tips and strategies to assist you in cord and cable organization utopia. The Idea Room has some great tips on just this.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space cord storage

Those Dang White Boards

You’ve used your whiteboard for a while and even though you have cleaned it, it still has residue from each use.  You look at it and see shades of the blue, red, and green markers you used last week and realize it needs a good cleaning. Here are some easy DIY hacks from OxPros.com to help you get that whiteboard looking like new again.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space dry erase board

Those Dang Office Drawers

The dreaded office junk drawer! You know, that throw all, catch-all space that holds all the office stuff from scissors to pens, to elastics, and just about everything else in between. Often, it’s the space that you throw items from one side to the other in an attempt to find that “thing” you need. You then realize that you have made the drawer even messier than it was before.  Then it hits you, I need some ideas to sort and organize this stuff. Take a look at this article and learn how to easily clean up that mess fast. Real Simple has some simple ideas for solving this problem.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space desk drawer

That Dang Workspace

A clean and tidy workspace is something everyone should strive for. Not only does it help you focus, keep your tasks in order, and help you sort out your daily agenda, it also aids in helping you feel good about your work environment. A clean desk can help you have a clear, focused mind. Take a look at these helpful tips in the following video clip which can easily help you take care of your personal workspace. BuzzFeed Nifty has a great video sharing how we can clean our workspace in just 5-minutes.

The Dang Dirt and Dust Is Everywhere

Simple… the best ideas are simple. When it comes to cleaning your office, the simpler the idea, the better. Common items that are often found around the home can be useful in maintaining a clean office area. Compass Phoenix has the perfect hacks to help you keep a clean and tidy office space.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space desk drawer

That Dang Accumulation of Stuff

Your office desk is often a place that can accumulate lots of stuff… from paperwork to mail, to pens, there all sorts of items taking up precious space on your workspace. One solution I’ve found that works wonders for organization is a pegboard wall. A pegboard wall is easily adjustable and can hold a large number of items freeing up your workspace. Here is an excellent article written by xoxojackie.com on pegboard organization.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space peg board

Those Dang Pens, Pencils and Other Small Tools

Keeping your office free of clutter and chaos starts with everything having its own place. A great storage solution for pens, pencils, markers, etc. are mason jars. Most homes have a few kicking around, and with a little decorating, they can make a great addition to your office décor. Check out this article from The Sweetest Digs for step by step instructions on making your own custom mason jars.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space mason jars

That Dang Home Office (or literally any space in the house)

I want to leave you with one of my favourite hacks. There are actually 15 hacks related to this idea. Whether you work from home in an office, or you simply have stuff everywhere in your house, this article from Family Handyman has all these amazing ideas to declutter your house and/or home office to make your life easier.

13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space handyman

Well, that just about does it for this crazy blog post filled with technically more than 13 hacks to organize your office right now. I hope that you are able to use at least one of these hacks to make your life easier. If you got something from this post or simply enjoyed reading it, I encourage you to share it with your social network and friends so that they can clean their office right now. If you are like me, you know at least two people who need to read this blog post.

Happy organizing!
Sara L. Clarke

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