Golden Ticket of Opportunity

On Sunday, March 10th, as I was sitting on my couch writing The Sunday Spark, I turned on American Idol. It was the beginning of the new season. Eight minutes into American Idol, it hit me, and I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had to turn my thoughts of what I witnessed into a blog post. The topic: opportunities are all around you, are you going to take the golden ticket opportunity?


They are all around you. Some you see and some you don’t. Some you will expect and some you won’t. When opportunities are presented to you, it is up to you to decide if the opportunity is right for you, in that exact moment.

I spoke about this at the Mompreneurs® conference. The photo below pretty much sums it up.

I want you to understand how important it is to become aware of the opportunities that are presented to you and better yet, the opportunities that are right in front of your face, that you don’t see – yet. Opportunities are all around you. They are always present, waiting for you to take them.

Unfortunately, most of the time we are so consumed by the life we live, the work we do, the chores, the people, Facebook, Instagram, and with all the thoughts that are racing through our brains. Most of which are not edifying or making us feel awesome!

That episode of American Idol shows all of this. My jaw dropped, and I had to rewind the footage and watch it again. I decided to rewind the footage a second time and record it to share it with you (however, I have attached the professional footage because, well, let’s be honest… it’s better) because it just puts everything I wrote into perspective. Please watch the video and then come back and join me:

Now, if you scrolled over watching the video, please watch it so the rest of this blog post makes sense. Talk can be cheap, my friend, but video speaks volumes to an action.

Learning Opportunities from Laine Hardy

Peeps, do you fully comprehend what happened? Laine Hardy was not going to audition this year. He had no thought of getting the golden ticket and going to Hollywood. He was going in to support his friend by playing the guitar for her. They asked Laine to sing them out of the scene. He sang because he loves singing. He sang from his heart, and his soul came out. Laine sang not to audition, but because they asked him to. And because he did, they offered him a golden ticket.

THEN, if that wasn’t enough he toiled with the idea of actually taking it, which if you watched the video or watched the show, you know how this ended (spoiler… if you watched the finale, you know what REALLY happened <<< more on this next week!).

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The deep understanding here is that all of this, all these opportunities were being aligned before Laine ever stepped foot into the room. It all started when his friend asked him to support her at the audition by playing the guitar. At that moment, Laine could have said no to his friend, but he didn’t.

Opportunities are all around you – always! Opportunities are waiting for you to jump and grab hold of them. Here are my tips for you to realize the opportunities:

Sara’s Tips To Seize Your Golden Ticket of Opportunity:

  1. Choose to open your eyes and look for the unknown, the unexpected.
  2. Be determined to take your errors, failures (lessons) and turn them into opportunities.
  3. Be quick to see the opportunities, but be slower to grab them. Make sure the opportunity is the right one for this moment in your life.
  4. Even after you say yes to an opportunity, you can always change your mind. Nothing is permanent until you make it so.
  5. Ask yourself, ‘where am I missing the opportunities?’ and ‘what opportunities that available to me now?’ or ‘what the hell am I missing here?” – I get a lot of answers with that one.

Listen to your intuition

Finally, listen to your intuition (your gut); it truly knows that right answer. If you don’t know how to do that, then please continue to hang out with me, and I will help you learn through stories, tips, advice and more.

If you would like the above tips plus three bonus tips on how to seize the golden ticket of opportunity that is around you, register below, and you will receive access to my resource library, where you will find these tips and many other free resources to help you on your life’s journey.

This week, I challenge you to look for the opportunities that are swirling around you. They are there. I promise!

Sneak peek: Next week I am diving deep into Laine’s journey and the destination that he arrived at on the finale to a whole new level of taking the opportunities and creating action within them for the victory.

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