Frustrated? There Is A Reason & It’s Not What You Think!

Frustration gets the best of most people. Have you ever wondered why we get frustrated? Do you ever take a step back and wonder why we feel a trillion emotions all at once when we are frustrated? If you are anything like me, which if you are a woman…you will probably relate with what I am about to say, when you are frustrated you take it out on the person who is in the closet proximity to you…you may yell, scream, stomp cry or better yet…laugh?!

I used to get mad and freak out when I was stressed. I would usually bottle up the emotions inside and then like a volcano I would erupt! But now when I am stressed I laugh and I laugh a lot. When this happens my Husband R.H. tends to look at me a little weird and wonders what the heck. R.H. will often say ‘are you okay?’ My response is always ‘ya…I think so…’ I am hoping that you can see that with a change in mindset, around frustration, I was able to go from angry & nasty Sara to comical and happy Sara.

Want to know my secret? I discovered that when I was frustrated it meant that I was in the midst of a breakthrough. Much like I wrote about confusion, frustration is a sign that something is happening within the brain. When we get frustrated it is because we have had enough, we have reached our limit and we are ready for change. It’s time for something new to happen. It could be a new thought, a new direction, a new platform or simply a new feeling within us.

I know for me that I have gotten frustrated with my lack of exercise and there came a time that I said enough! I am done being like this…stuck at my desk or sitting on the couch and wondering why I am so tired. So, I did something about it…I got myself a pair of walking poles and started walking. Another time I got frustrated is when a client basically refused to abide by the contractual rules and their lack of attention made my job extremely difficult. I got so frustrated one day that I called them up and politely asked them to find success elsewhere. This breakthrough did the following for me:

  1. It made me stand up for my core values
  2. I found courage
  3. I believed in myself
  4. I learned that there is so much more on the other side of fear

I hope that in me sharing my experience and mindset change around frustration is that you to will take a step back and think about what is truly happening when frustration hits. Believe it or not, frustration is a good thing. Frustration means that you are in enjoying a breakthrough.

Living Beyond Satisfied,

Sara L. Clarke

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