The Four Magic Pills for Success

Sara's Four Magic Pills to goal setting

Everybody talks about it, some people teach how to get through it, but I have discovered a different way to do it. I am talking about goal setting. Now, don’t leave…I didn’t call it goal setting because as soon as you put goal setting in the title, people think, “oh, another one.” But I am going to throw a curveball and share with you my four magic pills for success that will help you hit your goals every time. Taking these pills is so simple, but they may be hard to sallow and you need to create the habits of taking these four magic pills, daily.

There are so many methods and techniques to create and hit goals. You have probably heard all about goal setting and how if you do it properly you will succeed. Well, let me tell you, I have tried so many proper goal setting methods and not one method actually worked for me. I have taken pieces from all different methods and made a “muck” and my “muck” works for me because it is easy to follow. I believe the more you complicate something, the less you’re going to do it and this is the same for goal setting.

When goal setting is too complicated

My mentors sent me their goal setting tips, tricks and methods. In my opinion, some are so complicated that when my husband asks me if I am using their method, I pull the “are you serious?” face. Some of these methods would have me spending all my time creating the goals and working the method that I would not have time to actually perform the tasks to reach my goals. Are you with me here? Do you ever feel like something is just too in-depth and overwhelming so you just drop it?

My brain can’t think in the way that a lot of these methods want me to think. So, for me creating my goals is all about a to-do list created from a brain dump and my annual plan. This is the easiest for me to follow. When you think about creating goals, people have all these different ways of doing goals. Even though I am sharing my method, the four magic pills, with you, if it doesn’t work for you, then don’t use it. But try to adapt to the mindset of what I am sharing.

Keeping score

Before I get into the four magic pills, there is one thing I must share and hope you will implement. This one thing is very important and it will help you to continue to find the energy to keep going. Keep score of your goals! Write down all the goals that you have hit and continue to add to the list of accomplished goals as you hit them. Then, you have no option but to win because when you feel like you are failing, you are going to read your list of everything that you have accomplished and the list will reignite the fire under you.

The four magic pills I speak of are: Mindset, Action, Persistence and Determination.

If we are very persistent in what we want and can match that with the determination, anything is possible. But in order to achieve the persistence you need and the determination and desire to actually go after what you want, things have to happen first. And if we work this backwards, we need some action, right? We’ve got to actually take action on things. And if we go even further back, it’s mindset.

For example, did you know that the health and fitness world makes more money on February 1st than it does on January 1st? It is a bigger day in health, wellness and fitness because people have failed in January. So February 1st people try the next thing they feel they are going to get results with. And this is okay because people need to find what they love to do and then stick to it

Before we dive into the four magic pills that I take, I want to make sure you know these pills need to be taken in order, every day. If you try to take these pills out of order, the magic will not happen. Here we go.

Magic Pill #1 – Mindset

I started changing my habits this past January. I was doing so well with them. Then life got crazy and I stopped working on those habits because of lack of determination. Then I go and watch Jumanji (three times I might add) and there is Ruby Roundhouse. I’m like, “Oh, I wish I could roundhouse kick like that. Okay, I’ve got to go back to the gym.” We see things that remind us that it is our mindset that keeps us going or stops us from achieving goals.

If we can get our mindset right, then we’ll learn to take action. And then while we’re taking action, if we can become extremely persistent in what we’re doing and then become determined, we will meet every goal we create. But if we sit here and make these big charts or use these big goal systems but don’t change our mindsets, everything we’ve written down, everything we are doing to create a goal is a complete waste of our time, because we won’t be able to do what needs to be done to reach our goals.

I would rather people not make any goals than to make a goal and not hit it because they don’t have the right mindset wrapped around that goal.

I think it’s great that people are teaching all these awesome goal setting technics. But if they are not helping you with your mindset around that goal, it doesn’t matter. You will never hit the goal that you are trying to achieve. Also, don’t make goals that you don’t want to work towards on a daily basis. You won’t hit the goal if you don’t want to work on the goal.

Four Magic Pills - Goals

Creating a healthy mindset for goals is all about knowing what you truly want, but also knowing that you have the capability to reach that goal. For example, you want to increase your income to $10,000 a month at your job or in your business and you make $25 an hour. You would have to work 400 hours a month to make $10,000. This equates to 100 hours a week. Being that there are 168 hours in a week, this is next to impossible to do. Your mind cannot wrap around working 100 hours a week. However, your mindset can wrap around the possibility of selling some of your used items online and making some extra money. You may not know the how, but you do know it is obtainable.

Choose goals that you can wrap your head around, that are obtainable but a bit harder to reach. Choose goals that will level up your life journey.

Magic Pill #2 – Action

If I have to take physical action towards something, like working out, I hate taking this type of action. If it is action on business activities, bring it on. Again, this goes back to magic pill #1. I need to get my head in the physical goal game if I want to physically move. See how I cannot make exercise a goal right now? But let’s talk weekly meal prep because that is a goal I have every week. Bring it on! Why? Because I swallowed magic pill #1.

Once you have swallowed pill #1 for mindset, it is time to take action. Nothing happens without action. Trust me, I have tried sitting around hoping that I would lose weight or that my blog would write itself, but none of it is happening without me taking action.

The best way to take action towards your goals is to plan to take action. Use a planner, such as my Live Beyond Satisfied Planner, and use your phone to schedule time to work on your goals. Block off time in your schedule, daily, to work on your goals. Set notifications on your phone to remind you when the time block starts. When that timer goes off do not dismiss it and decide that you will work later on the tasks that will help you to reach your goals. I want you to remember that action is the biggest pill to swallow. Albert Einstein said it best:

Four Magic Pills - Einstein quote

Magic Pill #3 – Persistence

The pill of persistence is the daily pill we forget to take. It is also the pill that bridges action with determination. It is truly important to take this magic pill every day. Persistence is what keeps us going. It is the energy that people like Mel Robbins count backwards from 5, you know “5…4…3…2…1…Go!” It is in the moment of thinking, “Oh man, now is the time I have to ____ but I don’t feel like it.” You tell yourself to DO IT ANYWAY and you do. You do whatever it is you didn’t feel like doing. Persistence is what gets you across the finish line. Persistence is what brings the feeling of accomplishment.

Do you think every Sunday I feel like going grocery shopping and then investing 3-4 hours in the kitchen preparing meals for the week ahead? You are kidding me. When I can, the first thing I am personally hiring out is shopping and cooking. But it is my persistence that gets me through. It is my link between having it scheduled to do and being determined to do it.

I have and am in the process of creating an Alter Ego for each of my goals. The Sara that is behind the computer right now does not want to go to the gym. The Sara that ‘wants’ to go to the gym is not the Sara that wants to meal prep or sit behind a computer. But more on that in the future (or click on the link Alter Ego to learn about an epic book). Now that we have swallowed magic pill #3 let’s take that last pill.

Magic Pill #4 – Determination

Since Christmas, almost every night I have been up working until 2 am. I am alert and I am loving what I am working on. I wake up every morning at 7:15 am, a little groggy, but I’m ready to go. Why do I do this? Why am I working 9 am-5 pm in my business helping my clients then investing in my family from 5 pm to 9 pm and then working on my other business and my personal brand from 9 pm to 2 am? Because I’m determined to get something done. I’m determined to get the bookkeeping completed during the day.  I’m determined to make the Live Beyond Satisfied brand amazing. I am determined to get my mentorship program up and going because people need that. We were determined to get the website re-brand up before February 1st and we met that goal.

Why are you determined to reach your goals? This is a great question to ask yourself when you are creating your goals. If you are not determined then there is no point. Determination is the key that drives the other three magic pills. Determination is what gets the job done.

Think of a three-year-old child who is so determined to do something on their own. No matter how hard it is they will not give up until they are able to do it themselves. Even if you try and help them, they get mad and upset because you did. Because they wanted to do it on their own. This is one of the strongest expressions of determination. So, I ask you, with the goals you are creating, do you have the determination of a three-year-old? Because if you don’t you either need to find it or change your goal.

Take your pills every day

Taking these four magic pills daily will help you to reach your goals. The best way to make these a habit is to simply start taking them, today – right now! Set a notification on your phone to remind yourself to take your pills. If needed, add me to your notifications, “Sara says it is time to take my magic pills!” Remember to take them in order and take them one at a time.

What I have discovered is that no one will take my pills and do the work for me. Your time is now and I believe that you are ready to crush the goals you have for your life or else why did you read this entire blog post? I believe in you and know that you are capable of anything that you ‘take’ these four magic pills for. Now, go out and go after what it is that you want in life. You are worth it!

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