Fix your relationship with money

Because of the turbulent times of this pandemic so many people are wondering about money. They’re wondering if they should spend now and save later or save now and spend later. Some are worried about their mortgage and car payments starting up again and how in the world they are going to pay for them while caring for their families. I know people who are racking up credit card debt trying to survive, and some are having to sell their homes. Many people have their heads in the sand because they were not prepared for the financial burden of this pandemic. My heart breaks because the knowledge around money has always been here, however, no one is teaching it.  What is your relationship with money?

Sure, we can run budgets and cash flow statements but if our head and heart are not in alignment with our relationship with money, then all those fancy reports will not matter. Take it from me, a very-seasoned bookkeeper of 23-years, with multiple diplomas. I, too, was $3 from bankruptcy about 13 years ago. Trust me, all the teaching did not give me the education I needed in order to be financially secure, but more importantly financially abundant in mind, spirit and life. My relationship with money needed counselling and I had no idea where to find it…but I did.

Fix your relationship with moneyMoney mindset

Ever since then I have been working on my mindset, my money energy and the physical foundation of money. Yes, we use all the fancy reports now too. Because we (Roger and I) have been so diligent in building our relationship with money, we now live an abundant life. We live in a million-dollar home that we paid cents on the dollar, we have multiple figures in our bank accounts, multiple accounts in fact, and we do not run up our credit cards as we pay them off every month, before the due date and with ease. We have created multiple businesses that create multiple 6-figures in gross revenue. And, we have manifested multiple clients, new ideas and creative ways to make money. But, more than that, we never have to choose or go without because our relationship with money is amazing.

Strengthen your relationship with money

As in all relationships, there are hiccups. There are times when we need to step back and take account of how we are treating our money and then choose to build the relationship stronger and with more respect. Do we have a mortgage? Yes! Do we have car payments? Yes! They all have deadlines with payment plans to be paid off in shorter terms than the banks require. But the most important part is that our payment plans and the debt we do hold do not place us in a position to be house poor. We can still afford the life we want to live and create without going further into debt. Most people have debt and that is okay. Where the problem lies is in the relationships with these debts and if more debt is needed to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Over the next month, I am going to share some tips on repairing and rebuilding your relationship with money. Stay tuned because when you fix your relationship with money, you fix many relationships in life, including the one with yourself.

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