Everything will be alright – 1 Positive Thought

everything will be alright

🙏I want to tell you that everything will be alright.

🙏You need to know that your mindset is key to success, freedom and abundant living.

🙏I want to tell you that whatever it is you are going through, someone else is going through the exact same thing. You are not alone.

🙏I want to tell you to take a deep breath because you simply being here, living in this moment, experiencing COVID-19 is a miracle. YOU ARE A MIRACLE.

🙏You were put on this planet, for this exact moment in time, for a specific reason.

🙏Your purpose is bigger than this virus.

🙏If you see doors closing around you, look for new doors to open. And if you don’t see a door…look for a window! Because the windows of opportunity are all around you.

🙏I want to tell you that if you are self-employed that you are being called to make changes in your business. You’re being called to seek new ways to do old things and to embrace new ideas.

🙏 I want to tell you that before you know it this will all be over and we will be sharing, “I remember when…” stories.

Everything will be alright
❤️Please know that my heart yearns to fix people’s financial crises. I want to help with childcare and motivate people to look beyond where they are and see the new ideas that are awaiting them.
But I can’t do that…😥

March 19th marked my 40th Birthday.

I was supposed to be on a cruise this week, with my family, celebrating my life and where I am at in my journey.

❤️Now all I want is for YOU to think 1 positive thought about your future.

📌I want you to write down that 1 positive thought about your future where you can see it every day.

💥I want you to read that 1 positive thought when you get up every morning and before you go to bed every night.

💥I want you to read that 1 positive thought any and every time you hit a speed bump in your day.

🤗😍The only thing I want for my 40th Birthday is for your mindset to be focused on what is possible for you, your business and your family.

😍🤗For my 40th Birthday, I want to celebrate that my friends, colleagues and family’s minds are healthy and they remain there, through all of this. I want you to know everything will be alright.

🤟If you are reading this it means that the Universe, God (or whatever you like to call the higher power), KNEW you were strong enough for this time! The Power KNEW you could handle it!

Everything will be alright

❤️If you cannot have faith in this moment, have faith in knowing that you are a living, breathing miracle. You were created for this time because the world needs strong people who can band together. People who will come out of this stronger, happier and filled with more opportunities than ever before.


Instead of wishing me “Happy Birthday” (because truthfully, it’s not happy, it sucked) I want you to do the above. Write 1 positive thought for your future. I would also love for you to share it with me. You can comment below OR you can email me.

I want to… NO! I need to know you are okay and have at least one positive thought floating around in your noggin! Everything will be alright.

❤️ We’re in this together!


(PS please, no “whoa is me” pity party crap here. When everything is back to normal I am going to Las Vegas to celebrate my 40th up BIG TIME!).

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