How to Embrace Golden Opportunities

Last week I shared how Laine Hardy, from American Idol, was offered a golden ticket to go to Hollywood even though he did not register to audition. I also shared how opportunities like this are all around us; sometimes all we have to do is “reach out and touch it.” We need to learn how to embrace golden opportunities when they come up!

If you need to take a step back and read my previous blog post, here it is The Golden Ticket of Opportunity.

My thoughts on how Laine Hardy became the 2019 American Idol 

In my previous blog post, I shared how Laine got on the show and what had to transpire for that to happen. Now, let’s go a step further. I watched this season religiously because of Laine and the fact that he was the comeback kid. Intrigued by his journey, I needed to see how Laine would evolve! I also wanted to see if he could pull off the most epic storyline in American Idol history (my words). So, let’s break this down.

Lesson 1: Don’t take life so seriously that you make mistakes and can’t laugh at yourself

If you watched the show, you will remember that he hesitated to embrace his golden opportunity because of the group round in Hollywood week. He dreaded it. Laine said, “I did not want to try out again. I did not want to go through all this again…” but, he took the opportunity anyway.

Going into rehearsal, Laine didn’t know the words to the song and then when the group (Diamond Dixies) got in front of the judges, it was Laine’s responsibility to tell the judges what song they were singing, and he drew a blank. The Magic 8 Ball would have said, “outlook not so good.” BUT, Laine laughed at the slip, gained his composure and nailed his part. He took the opportunity to poke fun at himself and stepped into his greatness.

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Lesson 2: Do what it takes to let your superhero soar

Laine released his inner superhero when the top 40 went to Hawaii to perform for the judges. He showed up on stage with a whole new swagger. Even Katy Perry’s jaw dropped. The judges were stunned. Laine put on a suit and greased his hair back. He moved with confidence, and he owned that stage. The coolest part was to see him walk on stage, knock the socks off the judges and then walk off the stage… not saying a word. That night Laine found his inner superhero, and he knew the suit and hair would help him let that hero out. Laine shared this tidbit in an intro on one of the shows.

Lesson 3: Do things to stretch your comfort zone

Laine got out of his comfort zone. To his admission, Laine is a shy Southern boy who grew up on the Bayou. This showed up when he worked with the show’s mentors, like Rebel Wilson and Lauren Daigle, who made Laine step out of his comfort zone with jokes, singing and dancing. But you know what? He took a chance and always did what the mentors asked of him. He trusted them in the area that he wanted to grow in. By the end of the season, Laine found his groove and owned the stage in a more epic way because when he stepped out of his comfort zone, he was able to spread his wings.

Lesson 4: Stay humble, remember your roots and be you

Laine stayed humble. Throughout the entire season, Laine answered the judges with “yes, sir” and “yes, ma’am.” During the intros, Laine always took his story back home where he was wearing rubber boots and hanging with his brother on the bayou. Some of the songs he chose were because they were his parents’ favourites. Even during some of his performances, Laine gave tribute to his parents by pointing at them. During the show, when Ryan Seacrest would speak to him, Laine was still genuinely shocked that he was on the show. Even when he won, you can see it in his face…shock! Laine stayed humble throughout the entire journey and remembered who he is at the core.

I believe that Laine’s journey on American Idol over the past two years can teach us so many things when it comes to creating a life where we Live Beyond Satisfied. We can learn that we are all comeback kids if we truly want it and are destined for the journey. Life is all about learning how to embrace golden opportunities and deciding which ones to take and which ones to leave behind. The choice is always yours, and you are the only one who can choose to create a life you love.

And the winner is…

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