Day 9 #journey2_160

Good Morning everyone! I woke up grumpy and wanting to stay in bed…this is because I decided to do something last night that I don’t normally do. I closed my computer, laid on the couch and watch useless TV, and then feel asleep. The only good that came from this was that my 8 year old son came and cuddled with me and we had some laughs. It was hard to wake up, move my body upstairs, brush my teeth, undress and get into bed. At this moment I was now awake…I am telling you, for me, watching TV without working on something, whether it be social media, an article or making graphics, is such a waste and it put me in a crummy state this morning. Why you ask, because I did not have the best sleep last night and then wanted to sleep in this morning. However, I chose to take my day back and make it epic! I enjoyed my walk this morning, creating the vlog for you below and now sending you this message.  You see, your today DOES affect your tomorrow.

Food for Day 9 looked like this.

The 2 bottom photos are the same thing, a fajita…I LOVE fajitas! This one I actually grilled the chicken and veggies on the bbq and then mixed them with the seasoning once they were cooked. I didn’t snack today. As you can see I only had 3 meals. I did not realize this until I created this photo. I also had 2 handfuls of popcorn but forgot to take a picture. That being said, I am noticing that when I have a craving for something, I only need a taste, not an entire meals worth….interesting.

Here is my vlog entry wrapping up Day 9.

~Sara xo

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