Day 7 #journey2_160

Today started off with a 1-hour walk…in the rain. I did try to get out of walking in the rain but R.H. (my Husband) would not have it and I think that is why he made us walk the extra 30-minutes. I must say once I got over the soakers and wet clothes, I loved it. I really felt one with nature and I now look forward to my next walk in the rain. Here is my food for Day 7.

Today was a work day for me. I do work from home as I own multiple business. In the midst of being focused on my projects, I forgot to take my chicken out of the freezer for supper. So we ended up doing takeout and my husband wanted some pizza, so I decided to have pizza for supper as well. I chose to eat 1/3 of the pizza I would normally eat, 6 slices down to 2, and have a big salad with it. I also did not eat the crust. This is the first time I’ve had any heavy carbs in a week. I then kept with I habit, some may call a tradition, and I chose to have a Sundae on Sunday. After this dinner and dessert, I was feeling extremely groggy and heavy, so I went out for another 30 minute power walk! If anybody ever sees me eating pizza or asking for pizza again tell me I’m crazy and hand me a chicken breast! Bring on Day 8!

I am excited to post my weigh-in, weekly photos and the exercise I am adding on day 8, for week 2…tomorrow!

Here is Sara’s weekly video wrap-up.

~Sara xo

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