Day 6 #journey2_160

Today is my 1st Saturday of my journey. I was a little nervous as to how this would pan out. My day looked like this: walk, house cleanup and breakfast in the morning, then I was in my office finishing up some client work. This was followed by a super early supper and a trip to Skyzone, which I am including a highlight video of me jousting my 13 year old son below. We topped the day off with a trip to the movies to watch Hotel Transylvania 3; Summer Vacation.

Today was a busy day and since I ate breakfast late & supper early, I didn’t have time to eat snacks. But it all worked out because after 90 minutes of trampolining we went to the movies and I splurged for a small ice cream with some toppings. This is still a lot less than what I normally eat at the movies. I would usually get a large ice cream, a large pop and share a bag of popcorn with my husband. I opted for a small ice cream and water. I am so happy with my day and I am sore from using the trampoline, I am heading to bed! Have an amazing night everyone!

Here I am with Wil at Skyzone…enjoy and I hope you do laugh, or at least smile!

Sara’s daily wrap-up!

~Sara xo

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