Day 5 #journey2_160

Today, we (R.H & I) spent most the day on the road as we picked up our 16 year old son from an amazing basketball camp and then we headed to see a client that lives out of town.

It actually wasn’t hard at all and I enjoyed my food. I chose to have a mini frosty (ice cream in a cup) and after 3 bites I was done, however, because we were driving I had nowhere to throw it out and no one else wanted it, as they had their own, so I ate it. Did I feel guilty about it? No, because it was my choice and I have to be confident in all my choices, no matter what they are. I am happy to say that I am lighter than I was yesterday and that is my goal! All in all I am happy with the choices and my progress! Day 6, I got you!

Here is Sara’s daily wrap-up

~ Sara xo

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