Day 4 #journey2_160

Today was a huge milestone for me…

is that on Day 3 of my #journey2_160 I can officially where my diamonds again. You see, I have not been able to wear this ring for the last 10 months. After making the change to move more and eat better, I can wear my ring with comfort. It’s not always about the big accomplishments. This small accompaniment means so much me right now because this ring is so important to me and my relationship with my husband R.H. I am so excited it only took 3 days for this change to happen!! You can have anything you want, if you put your mind to it… And yes, even in just 3 days!

Food was sooo good today too!

Yes, I have a thing for cheddar cheese and ranch dip…don’t judge! LOL. I am beyond happy with today and cannot wait for tomorrow to get here. Bring on Day 5!

Here is my vlog wrap-up!

Bring on Day 5!

~Sara xo

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