Day 3 #journey2_160

After 2 full weeks off for holidays, I am back in my office. I was a bit nervous because before this journey started, I would work and snack for most of the day. The snacks were not great ones either. They consisted of NIBS, chips, chocolate bars and anything else that would satisfy my cravings…or kept me occupied while I waited for files to load.

Well, today was AWESOME! Food was great and I snacked on the right foods, which kept me fuller and full of energy as well.

 okay…before you say anything…yes, there are chicken nuggets from McDs on my menu. Well, I told you that I was going to be completely open and honest on this journey. I enjoyed an amazing lunch with a bunch of girlfriends today and it was so yummy and pretty much carb free and filling. For dinner I had a plan to be out of town but the plans changed so I took my boys to McDs as I did not have a meal ready for them nor I. I didn’t want another salad, so I went for the highest protein item on the list. I am happy to say that I have had no pop in 3 days and drank a lot more water today, more than yesterday. Lastly, I am in bed now watching Harry Potter and writing content. Between my sleep, morning walk, work, luncheon, my new shoes and my meals – it’s been a wonderful day!

Here is my vlog of Day 3 wrap-up

~Sara xo

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