Day 17 #journey2_160

Day 17 is over and it was awesome! I went for a speedy 30-minute walk and sweat was rolling down my back. I never thought that I would say this, but I actually enjoy the feeling of it…weird eh?! I find that the walking is helping me to sleep better, more sound. In fact, I actually sleep through the alarms in the morning, thank goodness for my husband who gets my butt out of bed! Today we had to walk earlier than normal as we needed to be somewhere at 7:40am. And look…the street lights were still on…

A wee bit early this AM! omg!

Food was on point today! I am having a hard time getting in the afternoon snack. The afternoon is my focused time and I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I forget to eat. So today, I am going to set a timer to make myself get up and grab a snack. I actually think that is a great tip to share!

TIP: set an alarm to remind you to eat!

Here is my food for Day 17

Gotta go after that mid-afternoon snack…dang it!

My daily wrap-up in a video.

~XO Sara


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