Day 16 #journey2_160

What an awesome day I had! It started with an amazing meeting with a potential team that is going to help me in the areas of my businesses that I should not be investing my time in. This is still a work in progress, like me, but I am excited to see what comes from about.

Meals were on point today. Except I ate dinner at 9:30pm as I was so into my work, in my office, that I lost track of time…I even forgot to feed the boys…oops. But you know what, they are all still alive this morning. Sometimes Momma needs a ‘fend for yourself’ night. Do you have or have you ever done this? Honestly… I thought I ate more food than this. However I do know I made a point to take photos of everything.

My food recap:
Greek yogurt with blueberries, chicken noodle soup, chicken fajita with peppers minus the wrap and a taco salad minus the shell. Not showing here was 3 Squares of 90% cocoa chocolate bar.

I’m extremely happy with yesterday and how everything went! I’m ready to bring it for day 17!

Here is my wrap-up video!

~ XO Sara

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