Day 14 @journey2_160

It’s day 14…today marks 2 full weeks on my #journey2_160.

My phone died early in the morning (what can I say…I was out until 2am and came home and crashed). I decided to keep it off for the day. It was a day of chill. So…I honestly have no photos of what I ate…but here is the run down…
Breakfast- skipped as I slept I until 10am and then went for a long walk.
Lunch – Hamburger with lots a veg and one side of the bun with a small pop
Dinner – chicken caesar salad (left over from the racetrack – the dinner we never ate)
Snack – DQ Blizzard

No food photo…sorry!

This was such a wonky day. I did nothing at all and my hormones were raging. I am happy it was over and excited for Monday!!

Here is my video wrap-up!

~XO Sara

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