Day 13 #journey2_160

YEP! This is what Day 13 started out like…I was NOT a happy camper!

Saturday marked day 13 of my #journey2_160. This was a day at the race track for our family. I forgot to eat breakfast…I think! And it was crazy at the track with the tweaks and changes that were being made to the car. I did prep all food for the track, including fresh fruits and veggies, snacks for the boys and chicken caesar salad for dinner…which we never got to enjoy because of the craziness. Sometimes it is a quiet night at the track and other night it can be crazy. So instead we had barbecue. I enjoyed a sausage, which half way through eating I realized…I was eating bread…the one thing i have steered away from for 2 weeks. But I didn’t get down on myself and I enjoyed every bite. What an amazing night we had…we got home at 2AM!

SO proud of my boy!! His first ever 4th place finish in a feature. He did so amazing and had a couple sticky situations and came out with the best place he has is ever finished! Video will be posted on my business Facebook page.

Eating at the track was better that it has been in the past and even though the day started out extremely rough, it ended up being amazing! We had such a fun day!

Here is my video wrap up!

~ XO Sara

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