Day 12 #journey2_160

Day 12 food on my #journey2_160. I lost weight yesterday!! I feel like my success is due to my hardcore walks with my walking poles, eating every 2-3 hours and not eating after 7pm.

Here is my summary of my food photo!
🍊Geek Yogurt with Peaches, blue/rasp berries
🥚deviled eggs
🐔🧀 chicken and cheese
🍦very small gelato – I was gifted
🐔🥗 chicken caesar salad

I am so ready to up this all a notch for week 3. I am going to add a weight workout…or maybe just start with an abs workout. I love that I get to choose what I want to do.

Here is my video recap of Day 12…p.s. this is the beginning of day 13…it was harsh!

~ XO Sara

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