Clutter is Preventing You From Moving Forward

Mental clutter

I have been asked what I think about clutter. This includes physical clutter, mental clutter, emotional clutter…really, life clutter in general. I truly believe that clutter prevents us from living the life we really want. Clutter in the home keeps one from moving forward. Clutter of the mind prevents one from being able to dream about their future and go after their dreams. Emotional clutter holds us in a state of frustration, anger, jealousy, sadness, disappointment, and negativity. Having clutter in any area of our life can create stress, anxiety and overwhelm. If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that if you are trying to manifest the life you want, including money, friends and everything in between, if you have clutter, of any kind, in your life, the manifestations will not come quickly or might not come at all.

I know this all to be real and true because, my friend, I have been there. I have held onto so much clutter that you are now listening to the queen on clutter: physically, mentally, emotionally and all the feels that come along with it. At the time, my life felt stuck and it was not going anywhere. No matter what I did, how hard I worked, how scheduled my life was, or how nice I was, things just were not happening. After searching for answers, reading books, and learning from those who are ahead of me in life, I learned my clutter was the issue.

The Candy Jar

Think of a candy jar filled with the worst candy in the world. The kind of candy that you would absolutely say “No, thank you” to when asked if you want some. Maybe it is black licorice or sour kids or maybe it is those candies that are wrapped in strawberry-printed paper. Better yet, maybe it is candy corn? What candy would you choose? I would love to know what candy you would choose. Visit my Facebook Page and message me your candy choice.

Clutter is like candy in a Candy Jar

Now, back to my explanation – you have your jar full of candy that you don’t like. My question to you is, how are you going to put the world’s best candy, your favourite candy, into a jar full of bad candy? Would you agree that you would need to empty the jar of bad candy to make room for the new candy? Well, the bad candy in my little story here is all the clutter that is in our lives. You cannot welcome new things, emotions, feelings, friends, clients, customers, opportunities, and more into your life until you clear out the clutter.

What’s in your Garden?

Another way to look at the clutter is to think of a garden. (This is a great scenario for business owners). The garden has some flowers you love and some you like. There are some you would be happy to pull out and then there are weeds. I am sure you can agree that gardens look bad with weeds. If you want to have a garden you love, you need to remove the weeds and the flowers that you don’t necessarily want anymore to make room for new flowers that make you happy. For business owners, the flowers and weeds are clients and customers.

Garden full of weeds

Remove What Isn’t Serving You

If you want to welcome new ideas, opportunities, things, clients, customers, emotions, feelings, and freedom into your life, look into the areas that have clutter. The easiest place to start is within your home. Go through every room, top to bottom, and remove everything that is no longer serving you. Sell what you can for cash and donate the rest. When you start to remove the physical clutter from your home, you will begin to remove the clutter from your mind.

I invite you to stay tuned because I have been asked to create a 90-day course on removing your clutter, physically, socially, and mentally.

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