11 Simple How To Closet Organizing Hacks

closet organizing hacksI don’t know about you, but I dread putting my clean clothes away once I have finished the laundry. Do you struggle like me with trying to cram all your clothing and accessories into your closet neatly without them slipping off hangers and shelves onto the floor? Do you struggle to find the belt that goes perfectly with your favourite pair of pants or the scarf that matches your favourite work outfit? If so, then you will LOVE these 11 Simple How To Closet Organizing Hacks.

How to keep your clothes off the floor!

Do you get frustrated when you hang your pants and put them away in your closet only to find them in a wrinkled ball at the bottom of your closet in a couple of days? And if you are like me, you have probably bought several different styles of hangers, hoping that with each new purchase this hanger will be the “one.” When I found Elizabeth Mayhew’s go-to method on how to hang your pants on a hanger so they will not slip off, I knew it was a game-changer and the solution to my problem.

Closet organizing hacks - How to hang your pants

Not only do I find my pants have fallen to my closet floor, but I also find some of my tops. I often find my tops with wide necklines, such as tank tops, slip off of their hangers and land on the floor. Diane from In My Own Style has a great cost-effective way to keep your tops on the hanger once and for all. Her tip…is to wrap pipe cleaners around your hangers! Yup, that is it!

Closet organizing hacks - non slip hanger trick

How to prevent those embarrassing hanger-bumps on your sweaters!

Do you like to hang your sweaters? I find it easier to hang my sweaters than to have them folded in a nice pile on the top shelf of my closet only for the pile to come tumbling down like an avalanche as I try to pull out my favourite sweater from the middle of the pile. So, to avoid this colourful avalanche of sweaters, I choose to hang my sweaters on hangers. But now I have another problem….you guessed it those unsightly and somewhat embarrassing hanger bumps on the shoulder portion of my sweaters. Thankfully, Jill from One Good Thing has come to the rescue with this easy and inexpensive way to fold sweaters on our hangers! Just follow her instructions, and you can say goodbye to those sweater avalanches and hanger bumps for good!

How to hang your sweater

How to keep your skirt on the hanger!

I find I experience the same issue with skirts as I do with my pants, I fold them nicely over the hanger only to discover later that they slipped and fell to the closet floor. Not only do I need to rehang my skirts when this happens, but now they are wrinkled, which then leads me to pull out the ironing board. I’m sure I am not the only one that has to wrestle with their ironing board. It takes me two hands and one foot to get mine set up. Thankfully, Balancing Pieces has a great hack on how you can keep your skirts hung and wrinkle-free on your hangers by using clothespins! Check out her cute DIY on how you can transform your regular hangers into a functional skirt (or tutu) hanger.

Closet Organizing Hacks - Skirt Hanger

How to find double the space in your closet.

Once I have my clothes firmly placed on hangers, I now need to find out how to fit them all into my closet. Although I live in a large home that offers plenty of room for my family of six along with two home offices, I do not have an extra bedroom with a closet that I can use to hang my overflow of clothes in. And like almost all married couples, I have to share my closet with my spouse. So, in my quest to figure out how I could optimize my closet space, I stumbled upon Macgyverisms amazing hack, which can help you to double your closet space by just using soda tabs!

Closet Organizing Hacks - soda tabs

How to organize all of your wardrobe accessories.

Those belts!

I don’t know about you, but I have purchased a couple of belt hangers in the past, and just like my pants and tops, my belts often fall off the hanger. And the hanger never fits nicely in amongst my clothes and would often become hidden by some article of clothing. Sadie Seasongoods has a great way to hang your belts on the wall by using an old trouser hanger and attaching metal robe hooks to it. Not only is this functional, but it can be a cute décor item to add to your closet or bedroom wall.

Closet Organizing Hacks - Belt Hanger

Those Scarves!

Scarves are a cute way to dress up any outfit, but how do you keep them organized and visible so that you can quickly grab the perfect one to match your outfit? Storing them in a basket on my closet floor hides them and causes them to wrinkle. And this is why I love this easy and cost-effective hack from Maron Komar from Apartment Therapy. All I need to do is to hang some shower curtain rings on a hanger, and I have a simple way to hang up my scarves. Tip: Tie your scarf at the bottom to keep it from falling out of the ring!

Scarf Hack

Those Ties!

Like many items that we put in our closest that end up on the floor, ties do not seem to be an exception. If you are sharing a closet with your husband, then you are familiar with this problem. Like the belt hangers, I have purchased special tie hangers in the past that have failed. There never seems to be enough slots for the number of ties my husband owns. So, if they hadn’t fallen off onto the floor, then they were hidden under each other or hidden in amongst the other clothes hanging in the closet, which is why I love this hack from The DIY Playbook. She has found a cute and cost-effective hack to hang your spouse’s ties…all it takes is a quick trip or an online order to IKEA. Closet organizing hacks - ties

Those Purses!

I have to admit when I went searching for how I could organize my collection of purses, especially my clutches that I only use for special occasions, I had no clue there were so many amazing ideas! My purses are usually stored on the top shelf of my closet and often resemble the sweater avalanche. There is nothing like being in your closet and having one of your purses break way and bonk you on the head! And this is why I now use one of the ten purse organizing tips from House Beautiful. My head thanks me!

Purse Storage

Those Shoes!

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I LOVE shoes! I have specific shoes that I like to wear when I am a speaker at an event or hosting a workshop. My shoes are often bold and motivate me. I don’t like when they are hidden at the bottom of my closet and are not easily visible. I agree with Ashley Abramsonn’s article on Apartment Therapy that your shoes should be stored off the floor (wow, keeping things off the floor seems to be a theme of this post 😊). In her article, Ashley provides a great hack that allows you to hang up your shoes by making use of the once unusable space in your closet. Check out her hack here:

Shoe Organization Hack

How to coordinate your closet.

Now that I have provided you with some great, easy and cost-effective hacks on how to organize and hang your clothes and clothing accessories in your closet, I am going to leave you with one last tip on how to coordinate your wardrobe by colour. This tip will help make picking out your outfits easier and faster by having them colour coordinated. This way, when you find a colour that is speaking to you in the morning, you will be able to quickly find matching articles of clothing that will help you create the perfect outfit. It’s also a great way to see that you lack some colour in your wardrobe, or that the cute pair of pants you bought doesn’t have a matching top. The Closet Factory has a great post on how to colour coordinate your closet.

color code wardrobe

I hope you have found some if not all the hacks useful and plan to implement one or all of them within your closet. If you have taken anything from this post or just enjoyed reading it, I would love for you to share it with your social media network and friends. If you are like me, I’m sure you know at least two people that would benefit from these 11 simple how to closet organizing hacks. And if you like having an organized home as much as I do, make sure to check out my blog post with 13 Hacks to Organize Your Office Space Now!

Happy Organizing!

Sara L. Clarke

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