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Book Review: You Are A Badass at Making Money, Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero

When I first saw this book, I was actually turned off by the title. I thought it was going to be all about money and getting lots of it for greed. The moment this went through my mind I knew that I had to read it. Having that thought meant that I still had some issues in my relationship with money.

Now that I have read the book… I honestly don’t even know where to begin.

Book, You Are A Badass at Making Money
Book, You Are A Badass at Making Money

You Are a Badass at Making Money rocked me to the core. I have been researching, learning and training in the money and mindset areas since 2007. I have learned a lot, practiced a lot and have had much success in both areas. In 2007 R.H. and I were $3 from bankruptcy. Now, here we are, 12-years later and we never declared bankruptcy. We live in a million-dollar home, run three successful companies and we are on the path to living a life that we could only dream of. Yet, reading this book in late 2018 rocked my being, for the good.

Reading You Are A Badass at Making Money reminded me of the things I forgot about. It gave me some missing pieces to my financial mindset puzzle.

Book with Post-It Notes
Post-It Notes help to implement

As you can see from the above photo, I took some notes. Okay, I seriously took this book to heart and made notes throughout the entire book. This book dusted the cobwebs off my subconscious mind and reactivated the elements that I forgot were within me.

The first time I read this book, I started with the audio version. Within 10-minutes I knew that I needed to buy a hardcopy; I literally rushed out to the nearest bookstore and purchased my copy. I continued to listen to the audio and I followed along in the book, remember like we did in class in grade 4. The book was finished within 3-days and all I could do was to sit back and say ‘wow’!

I am reading the book, again.

I am now listening to the book again – while I work, write, eat and sleep. Yes, I said sleep. The last time I wanted to get the education to stick in my noggin, I slept with the book on repeat. Call me crazy, but I do what works for me.

R.H. (my hubby) and I are now doing a book study with You Are A Badass at Making Money. This is something that I LOVE about this book; at the end of every chapter, Jen gives you questions to work through, mantras to write and gets you to focus on gratefulness. This book study has not only made us look deeply within ourselves, but it has also brought us closer together. Answering the questions and then sharing our answers with one another has helped us to understand where each of us are at with our money mindset, relationship and stories.

You Are A Badass at Making Money book study
You Are A Badass at Making Money book study

I enjoy my audiobooks on Scribd. If you use this link: Take Me To Scribd, you can listen to Jen’s book and get a 2-month subscription for FREE.

Three Key Loves About This Book:

Until you read this book you may not understand when I say, it is way to hard to choose just three keys. I am going to give it a go:

Chapter 2 – Why You Ain’t Rollin’ In The Cheddah. Yet.

This chapter is all about your mindset. Most people probably think this book is all about money, making money and having money. Honestly, in my opinion, that is furthest from the truth. This book is more about your mindset and your relationship with money. Chapter 2 is probably the most important chapter in the book. I love how Jen talks about ‘The Little Prince’ your subconscious mind.

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Page 109 – Open Wide

On this page, I have a Post-It Note that says ‘So Good!’ This is where Jen talks about being specific, but not limiting the ways wealth can come to you. She talks about how our job is to envision our life with all the specifics of it, but not the exact ways wealth will and can come to you. This is an area that I regularly need reminding on. Jen helps us to understand how easy it is to make wealth happen.

Chapter 8- Decisive Action: The Choice of Champions

What a chapter! The story Jen shares about a movie that she has watched is incredible. I have not seen the movie that Jen mentions, however, I got goosies when she shares the short details of the movie. Now I need to see this movie. This is the chapter where we learn how to choose mind over matter. Until reading this chapter I was not aware of how much I allow my mind to dictate my outcomes. This was a punch in the face, but one I was happy to take for the team.

This Review Could Go On and On

There is so much more than I could say about this book. By doing so, I would not do the book or you justice. If you have any issues with money, your relationship with money or if you are stuck on how to bring more money into your life, so that you can take care of your family and helped those who are in need, please read this book. If you are religious or have an issue with one using ‘the Universe’ as a reference, please, do me and you a favour and simply replace the word Universe with what your belief is. Don’t let one word keep you from learning some epic stuff.

My Last Thought

I would say that in the last 12-years I have learned a lot, if not all the aspects of this book. But this book brought all the thoughts and lessons together in one place. Instead of me telling you to read 100 books, listen to 100 audios and research 10 scholars, I am telling you, no, I am asking you to read this book.

I enjoy my audiobooks on Scribd. If you use this link: Take Me To Scribd, you can listen to Jen’s book and get a 2-month subscription for FREE.

You Are A Badass at Making Money is about so much more than just money. This book is about you and your journey.

Don’t forget, the link for you to listen to the audiobook of You Are A Badass at Making Money. Take Me To Scribd

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