Sara’s Secret to Being a Strong Mom

Being a strong Mom starts with taking care of yourself. As the saying goes ‘fill your cup first, so that you can fill another’s cup”. I can tell you from personal experience that this saying is so true. There have been times that I have been so depleted and trying to take care of my family felt like a chore and I would have much rather jump into bed, pull the sheets over my head and just stay in my own little bubble, feeling sorry for myself. Now tell me, what does that accomplish?

I have learned that as a mom of 4 boys and a wife to a very positive, strong and active husband that I need to put me first, for the sake of my family. It can be very hard at times because let’s face it, it is ‘easier’ to take care of others, it is ‘easier’ to not think about changing a habit, let alone actually change the habit. Taking care of yourself starts with a change in your mindset. Here are 5 simple tips that have helped me to put myself first.

Bath time, even if it is 7pm. – when I am feeling low in energy and my cup is low, I find time for a warm bath with a book or a movie on my tab and a nice beverage (my personal choice is orange juice and Sprite). Even if it right after supper, at lunch or before bed. I find 15-20 minutes to just chill.

Me sporting my favorite beverage… you don’t want to see me in the bathtub!

Comfy clothes are a must – when I don’t ‘have to be’ all dolled up in dress clothes, you can find me working or running around in my comfys. That being said, my comfy clothes are not slobby. I still take care of my appearance – make sure my hair is brushed, light make-up on and feeling fine! The comfy clothes make it easier to work, as I am not thinking about the tight band around my waist, the restricted movement of being in a dress or blazer or the sore feet from heels. I dress how I feel best. This also saves time in the morning, as I am not standing in my closet wondering what to wear.

If I am going to be comfy, I might as well advertise the awesome organization of Mompreneurs®

Eat well, even if it is different from the family – I have 4 boys and they are picky eaters (probably because I did not introduce enough flavors to them when they were small) and I don’t love what they eat either. When I meal prep for the week, I make food that makes me happy, gives me energy and that I enjoy. I based my meal prep around my husband & my choices. From there I will usually take the same ingredients and make meal for the boys. This to me is putting me first because how does that saying go… ‘if Momma ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy’. Food feeds my soul and chicken fingers just don’t cut it.

I love to eat healthy…when the food is pre-prep’d

Me working out! This is something I need to
make more time for.

Enjoy a comfort food, even if it is chocolate cake – Don’t deprive yourself of the foods that make you happy. Simply choose to eat them when you are happy. Don’t use your comfort food to pull you out of a funk, you will start to regret the love for that food. Also, don’t make the comfort food an everyday thing. Instead, choose to enjoy the comfort food for a celebration, a Friday night pleasure. Make it a celebration of life.

Ice cream has to be my ultimate, fav comfort food.

A toasted coconut donut is a fav too!

Time with friends – now I will say that I don’t have many close friends. But the friends I do have are ones who encourage me, lift me up, hold my hand and love on me…but they also hold me accountable, call me on my crap and push me beyond measure. I like a girls night out (no work involved, at all) once every three months. Whether it is a dinner out at a nice restaurant, ordering in with comfys on or going for ice cream, it’s not what I am doing, it’s whom I am doing it with. You may be saying ‘Sara, that’s only 4 nights a year’ and yes, you are correct, but that is what I need to fill my cup. If we need our girls nights more often we will make it happen. But in the end, you need to choose the timing that works for you. I recommend that you make sure you place your girls nights on the family schedule so that the family knows a head of time and no one is caught by surprise.

A bestie of mine,  Amanda Brown, & I at a paint night  

1st time at a paint night

Mompreneurs® HQ Team @ an Escape Room

These are 5 tips that have helped me to fill my cup, so that I can be a better wife and Mom. I hope that you can try at least one of them and see how it works for you and your cup. It is important to me that us Mom’s and Wives have our cup overflowing so that we can flow into others lives and support them on their life journey.

If you have tips and tricks that work for you, comment below as I would love to hear them.


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